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User Info: pionear

1 month ago#1
Snake Eyes:

Still better than the previous Live Action Joe films as of now...


Not sure what the 'Twist' is..

User Info: brimicbed

1 month ago#2
Someone gave Old a rating of 17.5/20. I can't recall ever seeing anyone rate a movie out of 20.

User Info: AltOmega2

1 month ago#3
"its not Avengers so its bad"

User Info: B18Champ

1 month ago#4
Plan on seeing Old tomorrow. Looks interesting.

User Info: Punchsmack

1 month ago#5
AltOmega2 posted...
"its not Avengers so its bad"

It's been a few years, get a new gimmick.
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User Info: Drumiester

1 month ago#6
Seeing both over the coming week.
I Love Sasha Banks!
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User Info: ShadowMan033

1 month ago#7
I’ll see Old this weekend. Snake Eyes I can wait for streaming.
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User Info: Hornswoggled

1 month ago#8
"Takes the most popular G.I. Joe character and totally demystifies him until all that's left is a dude with a sword."

That's what I was thinking too.

Wasn't Snake Eyes cool because he was enigmatic and s***?

User Info: TheDevilman

1 month ago#9
Hornswoggled posted...
"Takes the most popular G.I. Joe character and totally demystifies him until all that's left is a dude with a sword."

That's what I was thinking too.

Wasn't Snake Eyes cool because he was enigmatic and s***?



If you only followed the original cartoon you'd know nothing about his backtstory

If you only collected his toy, you'd only know what little was explained about his background which was mostly his skill set as his backstory was only briefly addressed and his name and family were listed as 'classified'

If you read the original Marvel Comics run where most of the characters got their stories from, penned and drawn by Larry Hama, you'd know of his backstory a bit more through narration lore only; so it wasnt explicitly shown and he was introduced already as a mute hidden behind his mask so the mystery was there from the start.

But yeah his backstory was that of a blonde white Vietnam soldier, friends with Tommy (Storm Shadow), Wade Collins (who'd later work for Cobra as the first F.R.E.D.) and commanding officer Stalker during north Vietnam missions.
In one mission, both Wade and Snake Eyes went missing presumed dead,

Ignoring a direct order from Stalker, Tommy went looking for them and found Snake Eyes half dead. He rescued him and they returned to the States where Hawk informed Snake Eyes that in his absence, his family; his parents and sister, were tragically killed in a car accident via a drunk driver who also died, (who we later find out was the brother of Cobra Commander).

No longer having a home or family, Snake Eyes was then invited by Tommy to join the Arashikagi Ninja clan he was from.

It was here that Snake Eyes trained and learned the art of the Ninja and became a point of interest for the leader of the clan, the Hard Master, as a possible successor, which made him rivals to Tommy (Storm Shadow)

Upon hearing of who was related the the family involved in the car accident where his brother died, Cobra Commander issued a hit on Snake Eyes and Zartan took the offer.

Using an arrow that belonged to Storm Shadow, it was Zartain's intention to kill Snake-Eyes and frame it so that it would look like Storm Shadow did it. But instead of the arrow hitting Snake Eyes, it hit the Hard Master instead, killing him.

Since everyone in the clan saw it was Storm Shadow's arrow, of course people, including Snake Eyes, thought he did it, so Storm Shadow fled and joined Cobra. But this was intentional on Storm Shadow's point to infiltrate Cobra to find the real killer.

In retaliation, Snake-Eyes joined G.I. Joe in order to go after Storm Shadow.
Later in an early G.I. Joe mission, there was an accident in which Scarlett almost died but Snake Eyes saved her life, who he had romantic inclinations with, only to take the blunt force of a helicopter explosion which permanently disfigured his face and damaged his vocal chords, which he then hid his face with said mask from then on. From then on, when not on missions, Snake Eyes would live in solitude with his pet wolf Shadow. So yeah most of this in the comics was narrated not shown so there still remained that aura of mystery about him

Eventually it was revealed that Storm Shadow was a double agent and he ended up joining G.I. Joe but then he got killed but then brought back to life and mind controlled by Cobra only to break free and kidnap Cobra Commander's son who he then started training.

This movie subverts from that story to that of which Storm Shadow's life was saved by Snake Eyes, it doesnt look like his family was killed in a car accident anymore as they instead show some kind of childhood flashbacks to him in a burning room as a kid, there doesnt seem to be any ties to him and members of the Joes in past military missions, or him being on the same military team as Storm Shadow, and they race changed him to Asian because well only Asians can do martial arts in Hollywood now I guess...

User Info: DeadmansGun

1 month ago#10
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