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User Info: Storm_0wl

1 month ago#11
Tom Holland is doing nothing more than stinkers lately.

Yes even his Spider-Boy movies sucks.

User Info: discovery

1 month ago#12
The_REAL_Duke_O posted...
I think this is going to be one of those movies where it's either really fantastic or incredibly horrible. It's too early to tell. However, the film did go through development hell to the point where the original version of the film was deemed "unreleasable" by Lionsgate due to how allegedly bad it was, so they pulled everyone back in and did about a full month of reshoots. They basically reshot about 50% of the movie. Sometimes reshoots end up being a great thing (which is what happened to the original Back to the Future), but they sometimes end up being a really bad thing (like the theatrical release of Justice League). I'm definitely checking out Chaos Walking. I'm keeping my expectations low, but I still want to see it.
I feel similarly as you and am glad to see someone feel that way too!
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User Info: bulletproofvita

1 month ago#13
pothocket posted...
Do we get to see the dog's thoughts too?
Movie looks a bit ruff
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User Info: JimmyFraska

1 month ago#14
Vlugge_Japie posted...
That wig looks so obious
She just bleached her hair lmao

User Info: JackBurton85

1 month ago#15
Looks awful
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User Info: SuperSaiyanSonic

1 month ago#16
It looks fun. I won't be seeing any movies in the theaters for at at least the next month, most likely more, so I will check this out on streaming.

I can see how this might not be well received but I end up enjoying it. I normally like interesting premise movies like this.

User Info: CoolCly

1 month ago#17
is this that YA movie that he did before spider man that got fridged forever?
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User Info: zzeennoolloo

1 month ago#18
CoolCly posted...
is this that YA movie that he did before spider man that got fridged forever?

Yeah, that's the one. They completed the original version of Chaos Walking back in 2017. However, after some test screening and executives checking the movie out, they deemed it "nonviewable" due to how f***ed up the film was. It was bad to the point where the film makers were ordered to reshoot the majority of the movie (about 70% or something around that). The only other film I could think of that needed that many reshoots was the first Back to the Future film where they ended up firing the original Marty after some months of filming and then had to hire a replacement (which ended up being Michael J Fox) and were forced to reshoot the majority of Back to the Future.

They tried to do the reshoots during 2018 but couldn't since Tom Holland was committed to Spider-man and various other Marvel films in general and Daisy Ridley was committed to the Star Wars sequel trilogy and other projects. During 2019 is when the reshoots happened since Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley became available for a brief period and they basically reshot the majority of the film. They planned to release the film during 2020, but we all know what happened with 2020. So now it's 2021 and Lionsgate NEEDS to make money and theaters NEED to make money and they are being forced to throw a movie out into theaters, despite the pandemic (because most bill collectors don't care about pandemics and want Lionsgate and theaters to pay them money). Lionsgate picked Chaos Walking, which opens this Friday.
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User Info: brimicbed

1 month ago#19
It is currently 19%/4.6 on RT with 26 reviews.

User Info: ReignFury

1 month ago#20
brimicbed posted...
It is currently 19%/4.6 on RT with 26 reviews.

Yikes. I'll still watch it though, Ive enjoed some movies that got trashed by critics.
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