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User Info: sano83

1 month ago#21
discovery posted...
Great point! I'll probably stop doing that now, thanks.
Happy to help =).
[The greater good.]

User Info: Forestbug

1 month ago#22
Bay at least made some watchable garbage

User Info: Charged151

1 month ago#23
Synder for 300. Also, the Transformer movies are horrendous.

User Info: MattVSin

1 month ago#24
Bay feels more like a descent into madness as his career went on. Every movie went further into "Bay-ism" as they went (eg. American flag slow mo shots, getting out of the car with a camera angle looking up slow mo, RA-RA military, orange and blue colour filters, explosions, sexy women for no other purposes, etc...).
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User Info: pionear

1 month ago#25
Bay for me, but both are just typical Blockbuster Hollywood hacks

My faves from Synder: Watchmen, BvS, JL, MoS
My faves from Bay: The Rock, BB1 and 2, TF 1 and 2 (yup) Armageddon

Plus Synder throws in alot of subliminal Racist/Sexist stuff in his films at times (300, BvS) so there is that issue with him
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