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  3. What do you think of Disney's new movie Soul?

User Info: xxxxxn

1 month ago#1
I haven’t finished watching it yet so no spoilers, but from what I have watched, I find it to be a fun, cute movie that definitely has that Disney charm.

User Info: yohabroha

1 month ago#2
just finish it
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User Info: Yuri_LowelI

1 month ago#3
Why are posting a topic about it while watching?

Anyhow. It's OK. Probably one of my least favorite Disney movies.

User Info: discovery

1 month ago#4
I absolutely loved it! I personally find it one of Pixar's best films, and it was my second favorite film of 2020 so far. I highly recommend finishing it if you can, the ending really makes it worth sticking around.
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User Info: Supremo

1 month ago#5
That Dorothea character took Soul down to me. I know people behaving like her is a reality, even more so considering her position in the band, but I just loathed her in every scene.

Doesn't help things she is the one to give the main character his advice in the climax. I just couldn't get invested in his drama.
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User Info: creativerealms

1 month ago#6
It was great.
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User Info: Toadsworth

1 month ago#7
Lots of charm.
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User Info: C_Mat

1 month ago#8
Here’s an opinion everyone will hate but I found it Pixar’s most boring movie since Walle.

I never understood the Walle love and I appreciate almost everything else Pixar does. But I wasn’t feeling it this time either.
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User Info: Deja Blue 03

Deja Blue 03
1 month ago#9
One of the lesser tier Pixar movies. It just doesn't have the emotional impact as most of their other films.
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User Info: DravenRainrix

1 month ago#10
Not a kids film imo, my 8 year old was bored, fidgety and uninterested after a short time. I finished it but it didn't do much for me on a comedy or emotional level. I will say though that the animation is absolutely fantastic, as is the world design of the before place. The ending bottled it.
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