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User Info: DrZulu2007

4 weeks ago#31
Another reason it didn't work was that the original was a horror movie first and a comedy second.

Sure, it's highly quotable, has really funny lines but the ghost were meant to be scary and threatning (including Slimer and the Stay Puff Mashmellow Man) Dana and Louis attacked by Zuul and Vinz Clortho were scary (Clortho chasing Louis in particular due to the hopelessness of all) and Gozer's presence would mean the end of the world and even took inspiration from Lovecraft.

The comedy comes from the Ghostbusters themselves and their reactions to the wierd s*** that surround them and when Gozer comes, outside of "Well, that something you don't see everyday" they reacted to the threat of Gozer like if they fail, the world is done for.

This movie, however, is more comedy than horror (and even there, the scary stuff pales compared to even Ghostbusters 2) with the cast always having a witty repartie. The ghosts are treated more like jokes, the main villain especially, everyone is an idiot, especially everyone with a Y chromosone (which makes it kinda misandrist when even Kevin is treated like subverting the sexist dumb secretary stereotype by making her a guy is clever or something)

Basically, this is less Ghostbusters and more of a Ghostbusters spoof without the charm or scares the original have.

If TC liked it, good for him, but for me, it's another testament on how cookie cutter reboots can be.

The PR nightmare that basically says "if you're remotely think badly of this movie, you're a sexist, racist piece of garbage" didn't help matters too.
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DrZulu2007 posted...
Basically, this is less Ghostbusters and more of a Ghostbusters spoof without the charm or scares the original have.
IOW, lower risk**, lower reward?

** [ I mean to the character's safety in the film, not for using completely different actors for the characters--a real financial risk. ]

User Info: Monopoman

4 weeks ago#33
The movie did not take the source material serious enough and a lot of the jokes fell flat for me. This was a movie that seemed to be designed to make kids under 13 like it, and that is great and all but the original Ghostbusters is NOT a kids movie.

Kids may have eventually become attached to it, but if that movie came out today it would be PG-13 at least, s*** there is a scene where they imply oral sex from a ghost. The reboot looks to be much better and I hope that captures the original sense of the movie more. I also think the original had a more cynical style of humor and was more grounded in reality, the 2016 movie goes way off the rails in the spectacle and every character comes off like they don't live in the real world.
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User Info: TomorrowDog

4 weeks ago#34
The "humor" is a lot of loud, random improv with no comedic timing. The main cast aren't believable as characters.
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User Info: Bobsy84

4 weeks ago#35
Because it’s a steaming pile of dog s***e.
Bobsy84 posted...
Because it’s a steaming pile of dog s***e.

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User Info: Cpl_D_Hicks

3 weeks ago#37
I wanted a new game. The 2009 is the third movie, which by the way, is now no longer canon because of this upcoming third one. This game added a lot of lore to the Ghostbusters universe, & a sequel could have expanded on the potential, such as being able to implement driving Ecto 1.

Maybe make it open world, or at least to a degree, where you could drive to side jobs, which would let you obtain money for upgrades. Being able to play the storyline in co-op as the main characters would be good, or even Uncharted co-op like modes where you play short co-op campaigns with cut scenes.

User Info: NaclynE

3 weeks ago#38
Many reasons.

1- Was used by Hillery Clinton in Hope's to become President. She implied she was "the ghostbuster" while Donald Trump was "the ghost" in a political promotion.

2- Director "girl powered" the movie. Wanted to make all male characters "incompetent" while female characters competent.

3- Three out of the four main previous actors, Rietman (the director) and Weaver were on board but Bill Murray kept changing his mind. Sadly Egon's actor passed away before. People hoped the original cast would have done it but were disappointed it never happened. Rietman saw the trailer to 2016 and was disappointed in what he saw. One of the reasons why his son is doing Afterlife.

4- Didn't cater to the same crowds the first two did. Catered to more the modern teen people who liked nut shots and perverse jokes while sure there were some perverse jokes in 1 and 2 but catered to the horror, comedy, family crowd not just comedy crowd.

I can give more reasons but I may offend someone so I will just leave these here.
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User Info: yutterh

3 weeks ago#39
It would have been a 7/10 movie if it wasn't a ghostbusters remake. Because it was a remake and didn't get anything that made the first movie awesome it gets a 3/10. I like Hemsworth's and leslie Jones. They were the funniest ones in the movie. I also hate McCarthy, I don't find her funny in anyway shape or form. The humour was also a lot more slapstick and the weapons weren't grounded in reality. They felt like cartoony physics.
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User Info: Damaged7

3 weeks ago#40
I like how before the movie Leslie Jones kept ranting about the fans who wanted the original ghostbusters and not some dumb female remake.

Then years later when they announced Afterlife, she started b****ing and moaning that they're discarding the 2016 ghostbusters and thus becoming the very thing she kept insulting in the first place.
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