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  3. I saw The Empty Man (Probably spoilers)

User Info: Kestner

4 weeks ago#11
Wow, thanks for the details. I'm glad I read all of that. Reviews are pretty much mixed.

User Info: PrivateBiscuit1

4 weeks ago#12
Hornswoggled posted...
I thought it was pretty dull.
This is fair and I don't blame anyone for feeling this way. I think it hinges a lot on how you feel about the ending.

And I figured the reviews for this would be very mixed. I think they should have kept doing random spooky stuff while he's investigating. There are opportunities to do it, even if it's just something in the background, they could have done something with it.

The director made documentaries on Lynch and Cronenberg, and you can definitely see the influences here.
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User Info: Leonheart10587

4 weeks ago#13
James Badge Dale knows how to pick great material.

User Info: Alexanaxela

1 week ago#14
just watched this. I have no idea what i just watched. The girl says they created the cop with the power of thought and he like takes the place of the guy in the hospital (who i thought was the guy from the opening segment) to become the new conduit... i think. I honestly have no idea
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  3. I saw The Empty Man (Probably spoilers)
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