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User Info: Fenriswolf

4 weeks ago#41
Lord of the Rings given three chances at winning when it should only be given one. It doesn't deserve anything outside of the technical awards.

User Info: leesmapman

4 weeks ago#42
whitehawk1986 posted...

That is all.

Great movie though.
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User Info: whitehawk1986

4 weeks ago#43
leesmapman posted...
Great movie though.

It was. Doesn't change the fact that Polanski is a piece of s*** who does not deserve a standing ovation from anybody.
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User Info: DonaldTheGreat

3 weeks ago#44
Redgrave did good in that speech.

User Info: caex12

3 weeks ago#45
Affleck not even being nominated for best director for Argo was fairly odd.

User Info: GreenGoblinOck

3 weeks ago#46
An odd one, Jack Palence winning for City Slickers. The most un oscar worthy performance to ever win an Oscar.
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User Info: kidpokerfan

3 weeks ago#47
DonaldTheGreat posted...
Redgrave did good in that speech.

But banned-all-the-time, don't you realize that Trump would have hated her speech?

User Info: GlennGreenwald

3 weeks ago#48
Didn’t James Franco host while stoned?

Also, the weird #MeToo stuff with Franco and Casey Affleck.
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User Info: DrZulu2007

3 weeks ago#49
Crash winning best picture over Capote or Munich.
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User Info: lilORANG

3 weeks ago#50
Russell Crowe winning for Gladiator but not A Beautiful Mind

Emma Stone winning for La La Land
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