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User Info: Hardcore_Adult

4 weeks ago#11
Feh, 2hrs of My life I won't get back. Concept seemed decent on Paper but did not transfer to the screen.

I only saw it as I hadn't been to see Big Screen Movies in months.

So I probably won't watch it again.
I'll get back up for good this time and I ain't comin' down...

User Info: B18Champ

1 week ago#12
I liked it, but really want to watch it again with subtitiles

User Info: FrankGoreHOF

1 week ago#13
I'll let you know when there are subtitles

User Info: lowlifeboy

1 week ago#14
FrankGoreHOF posted...
I'll let you know when there are subtitles
I like* it for now.

I need to re-watch at home with subtitles.
Acne on your face, acne on my shirt bro.

User Info: JimmyFraska

1 week ago#16
Visually brilliant. I thought he actually did a good job explaining the mechanics. At first it was jarring how it just threw you in, but over the movie you started to understand it more and more, which I thought worked. Surpisingly, the mechanics of the inversion machine made sense to me. By the time it gets to that certain scene which we see again from the other perspective, my mind was blown. Really the highlight of the film.

But, weak characters imo. Inception ha an emotional heart, the story of Leo's character and his wife's unresolved relationship. I did not feel that same 'heart' at all in this film, it felt almost entirely technical.
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