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  3. What is the most soulless movie you've seen?

User Info: DarkDragon456

3 months ago#21
Hot Rod (2007)

WHat? How is one of the most underrated comedies ever and a hilarious, re-watchable movie that still makes me laugh every time I see it in any way soulless?
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User Info: Mdodmod

3 months ago#22
Zack_Attackv1 posted...
Hot Rod (2007)
Nah. Soul was put into that.

User Info: ReijiAzumaZwei

3 months ago#23
Every MCU movie.

User Info: Savoots

3 months ago#24
Robin_Mask posted...
Meanwhile... Salma's real life husband.

I actually didnt know that lol.

Edit: Wait what?
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User Info: Robin_Mask

3 months ago#25
Savoots posted...
I actually didnt know that lol.

Edit: Wait what?
You said that Sandler isn't that good looking yet in his movies his love interest is very pretty and in Chuck and Larry he is this guy who gets tons of women. I pointed out that Hayek's real life husband since he isn't that good looking but extremely loaded in cash.
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User Info: yohabroha

3 months ago#26
People seem to not understand what soulless means
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User Info: Endgame

3 months ago#27
MST3K fan here.

Your answers are adorable.
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User Info: Santo3485

3 months ago#28
Super Mario Bros. (1993)
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User Info: HarryWarden

3 months ago#29
Oh good topic. Sandler’s movies definitely qualify though some of them are still entertaining. Murder Mystery was fun.

Another would be most of Disney’s live-action/CGI remakes. Mulan, Lion King, etc. Also, most of the MCU.

User Info: Wandering__Hero

3 months ago#30
Mr and Mrs Smith.

It was the first time i had seen Angelina Jolie in a movie and because of that film I assumed she couldnt act (and this Brad Pitt guy must be really overated).

I later see Malifecent and realise, see she's a dam good actor, and realise she , and everyone else involved in Mr and Mrs Smith just coulndt give a s***. Much like the auidence who watched it.

Not even the worst movie ive seen, but in other pieces of s*** like Crow City of Angels it felt like someone on set gave a small f***
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