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  3. So what should be done about diversity in Hollywood?

User Info: IShall_Run_Amok

1 month ago#21
I think there should be more movies of a diverse nature, in terms of people in front and behind the camera, and in terms of content. It might make movies better.
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User Info: BattleAngel95

1 month ago#22
Stopping whitewashing is a good start.

User Info: goooooBills

1 month ago#23
BattleAngel95 posted...
Stopping whitewashing is a good start.

That's a different issue though. It's just harder to get funding for movies unless they attach a big name to it. If that weren't the case, they wouldn't have cast Christian Bale as Moses in whatever awful movie that was lol.
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User Info: woebegotten

1 month ago#24
lydiaquayle posted...
Define 'tokenism'.

MLK Jr OPENLY ADVOCATED for affirmative action and racial quotas in private AND public employment, and education.
White people choosing which white characters created by a white author they want to allow a PoC to play in a film written, directed, and produced by white people. It's like a Fortune 500 company hiring a black janitor and yelling it from the rooftops.
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User Info: AsianGroyper

1 month ago#26
Jews and Blacks should take a back seat to other minorities like Native Americans, Asian Americans, Arab Americans, etc.

Also, no more Australians, Brits, or non-Americans.
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User Info: yohabroha

3 weeks ago#28
Hotel_Security posted...
Wasn't there any other Comic Book roles (Logan, Black Panther, RDJ) worth nominating?

Outside of MAYBE Downey Jr in Iron Man 1, no, I'd say there isn't.

Heck, even when the MCU gets good actors like Johannson and Jeremy Renner, these performances are like 10% of what these guys are capable of. Comic book movies and great acting are quite rare. Watch Johannson in Marriage Story and then watch her bland Black Widow roles...it's like two different actors. Same with Renner in the Town vs his Hawkeye performance. Not even close.

And you could argue Joker isn't even really a "comic book movie" in the traditional sense.

And, let's be fair, there's no way Heath Ledger wins it if he didn't die beforehand. Sorry, but it was a clear sentimental pick.
I think Ledger would've won because that year was the start of the Oscars awkwardly trying to expand to be inclusive of the larger action/blockbuster films.
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User Info: creativerealms

3 weeks ago#29
Forced diversity isn't happening
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User Info: jimmysheva

3 weeks ago#30
Nothing should be done. If a character is white, the actor should white. Can't change a character's race for the sake of diversity.
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