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User Info: Andrex_93

3 days ago#141
Heard that Uncut Gems was quite good and that this was JLo's chance to get an Oscar. I haven't seen nearly all of the Movies, though, so I definitely can't really judge, but I have a feeling The Irish Man is being a bit overrated.
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User Info: ClayGuida

3 days ago#142
Looking at supporting actress and having only seen two of the films nominated, but planning on seeing two others, I can say that it's pretty stacked. Robbie and Scarlett were both fantastic. I have no doubt Pugh will be great as well. Dern I don't know about, but she's been pretty consistently great since Enlightened. No interest in seeing Richard Jewel though, so Bates is whatever, but she's been a quality actress for decades.

User Info: T_Nori

2 days ago#143
Charged151 posted...
Why are you so bitter?

Anyway, several people in Hollywood have stated how much they don't like the MCU, so I am kinda expecting such movies to be slighted. Also, yes, I was surprised the Dark Knight wasn't nominated for best picture way back when. It was a great movie period, not just a great comic book movie. There was no need to expand the nomination list...just put movies in the list that deserve to be on there.
Not bitter just angry. Because you CBM fans ruin the most prestigious awards for films forever by saying that TDK deserved to be nominated when it really did not
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User Info: JackBurton85

2 days ago#144
Worm199 posted...
Joker is not just a remake of Taxi Driver and King of Comedy. Sure, the movie has several subtle and not so subtle homages to both films

There's nothing subtle about it. Todd Philips took those two movies, mashed em together and made the central character become a batman villain. That's it.

Worm199 posted...
The "you take the batman connection out of it and no one would care" is one of the dumbest arguments you can possibly make. You can say that about just any film. You think people would care about Avengers if you took out all the iconic heroes and replaced them with original heroes that are based on The Avengers? You think people would care about Best Picture winner Schindler's List if you took the Holocaust part out of it? It is such a silly argument that shows you are just heavily biased against Joker to begin with.

Avengers with different/new characters instead of marvel heroes would still have all the same great action scenes, special effects, humor, story, etc. Sure, our affinity for these iconic comic book characters is a big part of the fun, but the movie is well made. It, unlike Joker, is not getting by simply cuz movie goers have their interest piqued by the characters.

Even within the MCU there is examples of successful movies based on characters that are not well known. Your average movie goer had no clue who Guardians of the Galaxy or Doctor Strange were for just 2 examples, huge hits. Guardians did it without even having that close tie in via well known characters to the rest of the MCU. So trash example to prove your trash point here.

Schindlers List is a tremendous, incredible, masterfully well made movie. You take that same film and make it about some nameless genocide in some nameless place, or some made up historical event, it still carries with it a profound power. The message and themes are the same. Honestly i find this notion that Schindlers List is only recognizable or well known or had such a strong reception because it was about the holocaust to be quite outrageous.

Joker is simply a very derivative and simplistic film.

Worm199 posted...
I love reading all that bitterness.

More confusion really, as stated. My initial shock/disgust over how trash the oscar picks are comes and goes quite quickly each year.

Worm199 posted...
Joker has managed to reach out to pretty much every film goer you can find.

Right, and this is because it is about one of the most popular figures in all of fiction, certainly the most popular comic book villain.

GuillermoGage posted...
Some of them are. A lot of Best Picture nominees over the years aren't like that at all and are very derivative and safe.

I know, i was speaking specifically towards those film that are anything but oscar bait that sneak in there. Your genre films, your odd ducks, a scifi or actioner for example.
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User Info: Yuri_LowelI

2 days ago#145
End game doesn’t deserve anything outside of technical ones

User Info: Charged151

2 days ago#146
T_Nori posted...
Not bitter just angry. Because you CBM fans ruin the most prestigious awards for films forever by saying that TDK deserved to be nominated when it really did not
It is called having an opinion...

And if you want to zero it in on TDK, then yes, it did deserve a nomination at least over other movies in the category. It is still brought up today when several of them aren't.
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User Info: AnimalBoy82

2 days ago#147
Bummed that The Farewell didn’t get a single nomination.

User Info: ClayGuida

2 days ago#148
Caught Little Women and Parasite. Both were stellar.

User Info: discovery

2 days ago#149
ClayGuida posted...
Caught Little Women and Parasite. Both were stellar.
I'm glad you had a great time!

AnimalBoy82 posted...
Bummed that The Farewell didn’t get a single nomination.

Same here, it was my favorite film of the year. I was really hoping it was nominated for something, at least Best Original Screenplay.

Have a nice day!
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