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  3. Godzilla had WAYYYYY too much focus on human characters (spoilers)

User Info: Anguirus111

4 weeks ago#11
JackBurton85 posted...
Anguirus111 posted...
The focus of the Godzilla movies has really always been the human characters, Godzilla is often just a catalyst in their plotlines. And really, I don't think Godzilla's screentime in this movie was any more or less than the other films even the ones more highly regarded.

I could be way wrong, readily admit i should watch the 2014 one again, but my memory of it is that once we FINALLY get Godzilla in the forefront, he's there to stay. Once they FINALLY deliver the goods, Godzilla/monster fights/destruction takes center stage without constant cutaways back to humans. They allow it to play out, they allow the attention to be fully focused on it. I remember that finale climactic battle being super cool, had no complaints about it(outside of the s*** dvd release with how dark it is).

Whereas with this new one, i felt they never fully let Godzilla steal the show, never let the monster action take over. They just kept cutting away. And that was par for the course throughout the film too.

I felt the mayhem in Shin Godzilla was better executed as well. Of course the satirical gov't/beauocracy narrative was the focus, however the scenes of of Godzilla destruction were the sole star when they were happening. They did a great job of allowing them to fully play out, not unnecessarily cut away constantly, never letting me fully get into it. We did get a s*** ton of narrative, s*** ton of talking and plotting, but i felt that came IN BETWEEN the satisfying monster action. Can't say the same for GOdzilla King of the Monsters, where instead of getting the human narrative in between awesome monster sequences, the human s*** is happening CONSTANTLY, and is being cut to constantly, even DURING the sequences where the monsters SHOULD be fully stealing the show and focus.

I think that's perhaps the best way of describing my dissapointment with the movie. My complaint has to do with execution, not mere screentime. My beef isn't simply that we don't see the monsters enough(we get some amazing shots of them, get plenty of eyefulls), or that the movie has a human focused narrative at all. It's to be expected that hte film focuses on human characters, but what i didn't expect was that that focus would exist and DOMINATE the film so thoroughly and consistently throughout, that it would be the focus EVEN in the middle of a monster fight, the middle of the movies climactic battle. Do you junk narrative, i expect that, but do it in between the action sequences, don't constantly cut away from the action to hammer more of the junk exposition thru.

Generally speaking most of the Heisei Era films and to an lesser extent the Millennium Era films had Godzilla appear maybe 1/4 into the movie, fight the opposing monster, lose, and then not appear again until 3/4s of the way into the film.

The Showa Era films usually had more consistency in Godzilla's appearances which while seeming to the audience that Godzilla was on screen more than he was, in actuality he really wasn't. I mean Mothra vs. Godzilla had a number of spectacular Godzilla scenes but that is counterposed by Godzilla not appearing until at least 1/4 if not 1/3 of the movie had passed.
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User Info: ozzyman314

4 weeks ago#12
People need to go back & watch some of the earlier Godzilla movies if you're complaining about too much time being spent on the human characters.

Most of those, Godzilla didn't even show up until the end.

What this movie did was fine.
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User Info: JackBurton85

4 weeks ago#13
ozzyman314 posted...
People need to go back & watch some of the earlier Godzilla movies if you're complaining about too much time being spent on the human characters.

Again, not the issue. The amount of time is problematic and certainly a flaw in this movies case, however the major/real problem is in the execution, is in HOW that time is split and spent. It'd be one thing if i get 20 min of humans and then a monster sequence where the monsters are permitted to run the show and are given undivided, full attention. That's not what this movie does however. It cuts away constantly back to the humans even during those monster sequences. Very lame.

And this whole, "well the old Godzilla movies did it..." argument doesn't hold any water regardless. Every Godzilla movie prior to the 2014 one also had nightmarishly cheesy, hokey, lazy, trash special effects/costume-creature design/etc. Should we accept that caliber of s*** if they made a new one today with it??
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User Info: acolytes

4 weeks ago#14
I honestly thought they balanced the human and monster parts just fine. I loved the whole movie and found the human characters quite engaging personally.

I felt like they were actually relevant to the plot in this one, unlike 2014, and I enjoyed their arcs and how they crossed over with the monsters.

That's just me, though. Others might not feel the same, and it's fine.
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User Info: MetaFalconPunch

4 weeks ago#15
Jack, my boy, just give it up.
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