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FLAMING EVIL HOMER 4 weeks ago#11
Damaged7 posted...
As bad as the last few Terminator movies were, they would have been so much better had they not spoiled everyone with the trailers.

Yeah. Genysis showed the major plot twist in the trailer that i was wondering why they were leading us on during the movie to set it up as a plot twist..
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Pet Semetary:

Sreenwriter and film makers: "We'll change around the story so it's not exactly like the original movie or the book, giving moviegoers some surprises"

Guy cutting the trailer: "hold my beer"
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User Info: danzam40

3 weeks ago#13
I’ll never forget the trailer for Cast Away showed Tom Hanks’ character trying to adjust to his new life at home after he got off the island. Couldn’t believe they revealed that.
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User Info: EricDent1

3 weeks ago#14
This is not a new thing, back when trailers were shown AFTER the movie (thus why they are called trailers) they pretty much told the ENTIRE plot of the movie.

For example 1961s Atlantis The Lost Continent

Toho's Godzilla Will Live Forever!

User Info: ClayGuida

3 weeks ago#15
I wish they'd just budget in trailer footage. It sometimes works for some films, especially big action films, to show off their set pieces, like Rock punching a torpedo in Fast 8, and the big plane scene in Fast 6. But others are annoying, because you find yourself waiting for those moments to arrive.

As for Terminator, that's always has s***ty trailers. T2 spoiled twists too.

What Endgame did was tremendous imo. I don't think I saw any footage that wasn't in the first 30-45 minutes in a 3 hour film. That's f***ing awesome. I guess that's a special circumstance though, since anyone who wanted to see Endgame was going to whether the trailers revealed anything or not.

I just wish we could get specific trailers for films. Is it tough creating a 2 minute preview with original footage?

User Info: lordjers

3 weeks ago#16
Exodiver posted...
I think MCU do this pretty well

Ragnarok says hi.
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User Info: Verte_Tunic

3 weeks ago#17
Though this had a good explanation to the art of film trailers and the spoiler aspect.

User Info: greenmist01

3 weeks ago#18
I know it can be quite the tight rope to walk, when it comes to making trailers.

I did regret though watching the trailer to Ronin, before i saw the actual movie. I would of prefered not knowing that she betrays them, before seeing the movie.

Soaps however seem to rely on giving away spoilers. My mate always makes sure that his eyes do not see the front covers of tv magazines on the shelves, as they'll give away a spoiler for Eastenders. I dont mind minor spoilers being given away in trailers, but giving away major ones should be avoided.

User Info: Neo Vejiita

Neo Vejiita
3 weeks ago#19
The Brightburn trailer was really bad for this....It even had the last scene from the movie in it for goodness sake :O
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