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  3. What trailers played before Dark Phoenix?

User Info: Hypnofeet

1 month ago#11
lilORANG posted...
Mr_Party_Pants posted...
Is someone going to f***ing answer this s***?

Nobody saw the movie


User Info: The_REAL_Duke_O

1 month ago#12
I saw the movie last night.
To answer the question, the trailer to IT part 2 was shown. That was hands down the most memorable trailer (it got a huge reaction from the crowd due to how freaky it got. Some people in the theater got noticeably freaked out watching this). This is the IT part 2 trailer that was shown (I came into the theater 10 minutes before Dark Phoenix started, so this was my first trailer I saw):


The next trailer I remember was Marvel's Spider-man: Far from Home. Just to warn you, this is the trailer that CONTAINS A MAJOR SPOILER FOR AVENGERS: ENDGAME that was shown in the movie theater so be very aware of that before seeing it:


The last trailer I remember before Dark Phoenix started was the trailer to DC's JOKER. This is the trailer that was shown:


Those are the only three trailers I remember before Dark Phoenix started.
I want my Earthbound!!!
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