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  3. What if Civil War had been closer to the comics? *AVENGERS: ENDGAME SPOILERS*

User Info: Wing_Phoenix

1 month ago#21
donttrysohard posted...
SeamusOHassey posted...
Wing_Phoenix posted...
The main thing I dislike about the movie Civil War is that no one as much as mentions the number of innocent people who would end up dead because of the Avengers delaying their response to a crisis. The kinds of crises the Avengers deal with a delay of even a few minutes could cost thousands or millions of lives.

Or the possibility of Avenger deployment permission being used for blackmail, to force a nation to concede to the council's demands, or even individual council member's demands in exchange for help in a crisis. Or permission being withheld either because the council or council members dislike a nation or nations effected by a crisis or council members feel they or their nations will benefit from the crisis going unchecked.

That’s kind of the point Cap had literally made in the movie.

Although a valid point do you not see both sides of the argument?

Some innocent people died in Sokovia but they would have still died if the Avengers hadn't intervened with billions more joining them, and there's no way in hell you can convince me that the body count would not have been higher had the Avengers waited for permission.

And the incident at the beginning of Civil War. Again some innocent people died but not as many as would have had the villains escaped with the bioweapon and employed it. And I doubt letting the bomb detonate on the ground would have saved many, if any lives, though it would have probably saved some or all of the victims at the expense of others. The building would have still been damaged but what section got hit would have changed.

And the main clash of the MCU Civil War was not about the Accords or the problems with them. Once the Bucky issue came into play, before the fighting started, that was the focus of the conflict.
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User Info: Lastjustice

1 month ago#22
Every retelling of Civil War was better than the original. Ultimate Alliance 2, Cap 3:Civil War, or even the Avengers assemble version still beats it out. The comicbook how a great idea, terrible execution.
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  3. What if Civil War had been closer to the comics? *AVENGERS: ENDGAME SPOILERS*
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