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  3. Saw Captain Marvel yesterday to get ready for Avengers

User Info: SolidDBZ

4 weeks ago#1
Not bad at all. She was actually a very likeable character.

The only thing I didn't like was the origin of her powers. Another accident? It took away from her.
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User Info: force_edge

4 weeks ago#2

Yay for you okay.
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User Info: yutterh

4 weeks ago#3
i surprisingly like it a lot too. Some of the comic changes i can she people getting pissed over, but i think it works in the universe.
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User Info: TommyG663513

4 weeks ago#4
It felt like a phase one movie
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User Info: Dionysus

4 weeks ago#5
I think I heard so much criticism about it that I found it surprisingly entertaining when I finally got around to watching it. It's all about expectation management.

User Info: John325

3 weeks ago#6
Yeah. All the outrage had little to do with the movie itself. It was pretty good.

User Info: CreekCo

3 weeks ago#7
Yay. Talk about Endgame.

User Info: UltDeadpool

3 weeks ago#8
I am sorry you were tricked into watching it.

User Info: Devilman_Amon

3 weeks ago#9
Captain Marvel is not a likable character in the comics so the MCU did it right replicating that in the movies by picking an unlikable actress to successfully portray an unlikable character
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