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User Info: KManX89

1 week ago#1
What are some of your "guilty pleasure" films? To be clear, by this, I mean films with "middling" (or worse) reception from fans, basically films rated in the 6's or lower on movie review sites like IMDb and RT (audience ratings). You can even argue films with low 7's/70's scores that have a lot of haters like MoS.

Some films I like that others hate are:

Transformers (2007)-I know everyone loves to bash the Bayformers films (and for good reason), but I enjoyed the first one a lot. Everything else after was trash IMO, especially 2 and 4. I still haven't seen the 5th one yet, but I heard it's somehow even worse than 2 and 4 SMH.

The Fourth Kind is another film I hear a lot of "meh" things about, but found myself enjoying.

I also found myself enjoying G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra for what it is (the second one sucked). Deeply-flawed film, but it was FUN, unlike G.I. Joe: Retaliation.

I also enjoyed Bad Boys II as a popcorn flick, I must've watched it dozens of times on DVD already. Looking forward to the third movie (Bad Boys for Life).

User Info: Hulkamaniac418

1 week ago#2
Freddy Got Fingered. Laughed my ass off. Not sure what people were expecting from a Tom green movie
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User Info: Dcrenshaw04

1 week ago#3
A Nightmare on Elm Street remake. Nowhere near as good as the original but I had fun watching it.
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User Info: robbobmur

1 week ago#4
Batman and Robin


Ruthless People

User Info: ClayGuida

1 week ago#5
Far too many. My meat and potatoes are the 35-50% mark on RT. Those over the top action movies, or ridiculous comdies, or dark thrillers. Love them. Critics tend to dislike most of them, but I can't get enough. Throw Liam Neeson on a plane with snakes and I'm f***ing down.

User Info: B18Champ

1 week ago#6
Predator 2
Gods and Generals

User Info: kangarooz

1 week ago#7

User Info: mobilebloechel

1 week ago#8
Ready 2 Rumble
Not Another Teen Movie
Cat's Eye
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User Info: vgplaya89

1 week ago#9
Sucker punch
The last jedi
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mobilebloechel posted...

Wait, people hate that movie? How?

For me, the first that came to mind was Your Highness. It was panned, the folks who made it didn't even like it... but I gotta say, I laughed my ass off.
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