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User Info: Hypnofeet

2 months ago#1

User Info: De-

2 months ago#2

As long as the deaths remain graphic and ridiculous, I'm down.
But I could be wrong...

User Info: Orange Clockwork

Orange Clockwork
2 months ago#3
It's kind of odd how common this series is referenced in everyday discussions I've had with people about random occurrences.
If you build a man a fire, he is warm for the rest of the night.
If you set a man on fire, he is warm for the rest of his life.
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User Info: ForsakenHermit

2 months ago#5
Damn, was hoping 6 would evolve the lore and actually move the series past its formula. Hopefully the reboot isn't a retread.
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User Info: contrafan

2 months ago#6
Will they finally confront and defeat Death this time?

User Info: schizoid37

2 months ago#7
They should do a natural disaster like a tsunami or earthquake
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User Info: C Redfield

C Redfield
2 months ago#8
Yes! Death is setting up for another round of Mouse Trap the movie.
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User Info: Dcrenshaw04

2 months ago#9
With the patience of a viper, Black eliminated them all.

User Info: brimicbed

2 months ago#10
Dcrenshaw04 posted...

Money. Horror movies are cheap to make and turn an easy profit.
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