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  3. Did or do you ever sneak food into the theaters?

User Info: Frostmourne

3 months ago#1
I did back in the day.
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User Info: Dcrenshaw04

3 months ago#2
Big time. Could get the snack size candy at a convince store way cheaper than the theaters. It could be obvious we had stuff in our pockets and they never said anything.
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User Info: hmnut7

3 months ago#3
All the time. It's part of the experience.

Candy is a given. But also soda, even hamburgers and fries. I got caught once and the guy straight up did not care (why would he, he doesn't get a cut of the profits from their $7 soda).
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User Info: ToyMachin3

3 months ago#4
Would stop by Wendy's by the theater, get a bunch of spicy chicken nuggets for the family, put them in the wife's purse and in we went.

Other times, I'd go to the dollar tree and buy candy there and then bring it in. Cargo shorts are a necessity. Lol.
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User Info: EricDent1

3 months ago#5
Yes, I have brought in candy, cookies, crackers, and even water/soda.
It's kinda hard to do now since wearing a big jacket in Texas is kinda weird (I did it often in Seattle).

I went to a movie a couple months back & the people nearby brought these huge sandwiches somehow...

Only time I get popcorn is if somebody else buys it, or if it's included with the movie (some of those fancy dine-in theaters offer it).
Of course if it's one of those places, I do get food/drinks as well (only go on special occasions).
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User Info: JackBurton85

3 months ago#6
Food and drinks. Why the f*** would someone not do this?
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User Info: sailorpete

3 months ago#7
I take a bag in with water/soda and a bag of Trader Joe's Popcorn when I see movies with my friend and no one cares since I have been going to this theater for over two decades now and I am a regular. So seniority/loyalty equals no one cares
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User Info: Warrior3001

3 months ago#8
One of the highest courts in my country considers it illegal to prevent a customer from entering the cinema room with food that wasn't bought in-theathers.
So the answer is "yes". I did it this week by the way. Got to eat some $2 marshmallows (the snack bar at the movies sells them for like triple the price) while watching Aquaman.
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User Info: TimeForAction

3 months ago#9
usually just a water

User Info: OzymandiasIV

3 months ago#10
Yes. I don't give a s***. They usually don't either
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