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User Info: acolytes

3 years ago#1
Apparently the consensus from an early test screening is that the story is kind of dumb, and the characters are a bit boring, but the monster fights are huge and epic and most of the focus is on these fights..

Which sounds like a classic Toho Godzilla movie. It was said to be compared in tone and action to Kong: Skull Island, which I think is a good tone for the movie to go with. I personally enjoyed Godzilla 2014, but acknowledge that it cold have used more monster action and less of the human side.

I'm still excited to see Ken Watanabe back and for Millie Brown to be in a Godzilla movie.
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User Info: OkayPlayer1

3 years ago#2
Sounds good to me. Have the monsters kill off everyone, not going to see Godzilla: "King of Monsters" for human character development.

User Info: ReiRei89

3 years ago#3
As long as the monster fights are cool, that's all I care about in a Godzilla movie.
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User Info: GFqsGangster

3 years ago#4
Hmmm not to sure about this the human storylines in the 2014 film added some more emotional weight to the movie Gareth did a really superb job with that movie I rewatched it recently and it's still damn good can't believe it came out 4 years ago.

Not sure how I feel about it being the same tone as Kong Skull Island that one was a little bit more silly in some parts, still a good movie but not as serious in tone as the 2014 Godzilla. Hmm not sure how im feeling about this. Atleast the monster fights will deliver it sounds like.

User Info: ClayGuida

3 years ago#5
Sounds boss. I enjoyed the human s*** in Kong, while I found the stoic nature of the protagonist to be kinda eh at times. I get he was just there so we can see the monsters do their thing, but it was kinda eh at times, not bad, just eh.

Hopefully they shore up the story a bit then, if they still can. But I am pretty f***ing stoked.

User Info: Irrelevant

3 years ago#6
A bit boring? Well was kind of hoping the humans could be a bit better this time around. I don't hate the lead from the 2014 one, he didn't annoy me and I got his motivation so that's all I ask. DON'T ANNOY ME.

Really though? It is awfully early to have all the action together already. I thought maybe they got the more human scenes done and were read to the more action heavy stuff so it sounds awesome?
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User Info: EricDent1

3 years ago#7
Does seem a bit early for a movie that's gonna hit next year.
Especially one with heavy CGI work.

If true, sounds like a good Godzilla movie.

To be fair like 99% of most Godzilla movies, the focus is on the people affected by Godzilla.
The most time Godzilla has on screen is usually under 40%.
Godzilla 2014 isn't even the lowest amount of screen time for Godzilla.
That dishonor goes to Monster Zero (Invasion of Astro Monster) at a measly 6% of the total runtime.
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User Info: Irrelevant

3 years ago#8
And I strangely really like Monster Zero even though you could cut out the monster stuff and still have a neat little alien invasion movie. Normally that's a huge negative to me but I dunno I strangely like it.

I didn't mind Godzilla's lack of screen time in 2014, I mean we had two other monsters. That said maybe showing a little at the airport would have been nice. And I really liked Cranston's character so even for me it was a slight downgrade.
Snesman64 and I are brothers stop being surprised.

User Info: Vitrescent

3 years ago#9
The lack of screentime for Godzilla in 2014 wasn't the issue for me (I still enjoy the film). The problem is the protagonist is incredibly generic and boring to follow.
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User Info: Leonheart10587

3 years ago#10
The issue in 2014 was they killed off the wrong protagonist in the movie early on.
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