So yeah just saw force awakens *spoilers*

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  3. So yeah just saw force awakens *spoilers*

User Info: WOMANpukumaru

3 months ago#81
theRedDeath posted...
WOMANpukumaru posted...
theRedDeath posted...
OzymandiasIV posted...
And if the Force did impregnate Shmi, then that means TLJ is even more broken when it comes to lore, since the Force has to create a powerful Force user from scratch, rather than just imbuing whoever with Force abilities

The flip side of that is that the Force manipulates the universe in unseen ways (as seen in TPM) and it could just merely be a matter of the Force manipulating things to have BB-8 encounter Rey and embroil her into this confrontation.

As in Rey already existed, with all her midichlorians as is, and all the Force did was just lead her onto this journey. Otherwise she'd just have spent her life as a unassuming scavenger in the outskirts of nowhere.


I always took it as the force basically being fate. Or basically the ‘plot’ of the universe. It is the universe. Or maybe even liek god.

It has a will. It has favor. It tries to manipulate things to its its will but it can also be manipulated in return. It continuously tries to influence things and pull strings it isn’t all powerful.

This is what kreia seems to be talking about in kotor 2

Rey was chosen and yeah, manipulated. She wasnt fathered by the force but she was definitely chosen. Kreia would be triggered asf

It just seems like if we were going this direction we would just get another force baby

Because what is the point of force babies at all if Joe Shmoe can match them with zero effort?

The way I look at it, at any given time in the universe there are just a bunch of force users around with varying degrees of power. And under normal circumstances, the Force could just select any one of them to manipulate them into a position to balance the force.

But in the prequel era, there just wasn't a super powerful force user around that wasn't already embroiled in one side over the other. So Anakin was a special case.


That’s a...nice thought. I can see how one could interpret it that way.
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User Info: OzymandiasIV

3 months ago#82
LaManoNeraII posted...
But then I slowly realized...this ship just flying forward being leisurely tailed by a giant dreadnought that can’t hit it with its lasers for some reason (but can still hit the escape pods?) is literally going to be the whole movie.

Yeah, I don't get that either. I know in the Star Wars universe space fights have typically always been close quarters, but seriously, they haven't invented long-range weapons?

I mean... they shouldn't even have to invent them. They shoot a laser or whatever their ammo is made of, and it then it flies through space until it hits something. It's not like a bullet losing velocity. Just keep firing in the rough direction of the rebel ship. How do they not have onboard targeting systems to hit that s***? They aren't far away. Right now, we have targeting systems on fighter jets that allow us to hit other fighter jets (very small craft) without getting close enough for the pilots to even see each other.

What the f***? It makes no sense!
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User Info: theRedDeath

3 months ago#83
Even if you 100% accept all the conceits about the space-battle that the FO ship couldn't catch up or hit the Resistance ships, even if you totally buy everything, there's still the logic that the FO could have just had secondary ships hyperspace in front of/around the Resistance ships and intercept them from the other direction in a big pincer move.

The premise of the space chase doesn't really work, and the way I look at it is that it's all just a symptom of Hux being an idiot or being so confident in eventually catching them that he thought it wasn't worth it to bother.

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  3. So yeah just saw force awakens *spoilers*

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