I loved The Last Jedi.

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  3. I loved The Last Jedi.

User Info: LostSeason7

7 months ago#1
And I especially love licking the salty tears of the crying fanboys.
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User Info: DexterTheThird

7 months ago#2
I don’t delight in their unhappiness, but I do think the fanboys are wrong on this one. TLJ was really interesting and a big step up from TFA.
Formerly known as Hero Fly Chao. I like to roll the dice.

User Info: MGQ

7 months ago#3
I don't delight in their unhappiness because more people enjoying the film would mean we'd hopefully get more like it. I don't want Disney to go back to a safe TFA-style where it's critics and audiences 90+% on RT but everyone is just kind of satisfied, with no one in love with the film but no one outraged either.

I feel sad that some people were outraged, but I'm happy that others were overjoyed at TLJ.

That being said, there's more salt on this board than all of Crait's surface
"I am not talented. I am obsessed." - Conor McGregor
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  3. I loved The Last Jedi.

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