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  3. Why can't Marvel do interesting villains?

User Info: darkace77450

5 years ago#1
I'm risking the ire of MCU fans, but I can't understand why the MCU villains suck so bad. Magneto, Otto Octavius...Marvel has interesting villains. But outside of Loki, the ones they've featured in their own films have had the depth of cardboard cutouts. My knowledge of comic books comes from other media (films, television shows, video games, etc), so I know next to nothing about the villains they have planned for Phase 3, but I'm really hoping they take care to rectify this problem.

User Info: Kingjoe110

5 years ago#2
They realized people only care about the heroes and the antagonists are there just to advance the plot.
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User Info: Dionysus

5 years ago#3
Well, they can't use the characters that you specifically mentioned. Maybe you just don't Avengers-related bad guys.

User Info: theRedDeath

5 years ago#4
I thought Red Skull and Winter Soldier were great villains.

And we've got Ultron and Thanos on the horizon, which are two of Marvel's best.

I agree that Abomination and Malekith were pretty weak.

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User Info: _wwKd_

5 years ago#5
Ultron and Thanos hype are building.

At least with Loki he's been in a few Marvel movies and he has buildup.
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User Info: MasterFoxCheif3

5 years ago#6
Marvel doesn't have access to it's heavy hitters like DC does. So they make due with what's available. Joss Whedon originally wanted Dr Doom in Loki's place for Avengers 1 but plans fell through because Fox still had the character rights.

If we're being picky here, in the DCCU, Zod was pretty forgettable. Faora stood out more and she was just a lackey.
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User Info: mkhomero

5 years ago#7
I'll defend Marvel Studios on these villains:

Obadiah Stane
The Winter Soldier/Alexander Pierce

I felt with those villains we got some character depth that made them more than plot devices just to carry the plot and make the hero look good. Oh a whole I agree Marvel has to step their game up with their villains, which hopefully happens with GotG, Avengers 2 and beyond. Glad they cast Josh Brolin as Thanos though!
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User Info: second_gamer

5 years ago#8
I have to agree. Obadiah probably just slides by as being okay to me. The Winter Soldier has a good back story, but he's not actively interesting at all, and he doesn't even talk really.

User Info: darkace77450

5 years ago#9
Dionysus posted...
Maybe you just don't Avengers-related bad guys.

I want to like them. I go into these movies wanting to like them. The writers and directors just don't do enough to make me like them. I did like Loki. He had depth, and he was portrayed by an able actor. Most of the others, though, are thrown in the script with lines that might as well be "I are teh villain, fight me!" They, as Kingjoe said, exist solely as obstacles for the protagonists to overcome. They're not characters in their own right. They're to these films what the tornadoes are to Into the Storm. And considering how interesting the MCU protagonists are (excepting Thor, who I find incredibly boring), that's disappointing.

MasterFoxCheif3 posted...
If we're being picky here, in the DCCU, Zod was pretty forgettable. Faora stood out more and she was just a lackey.

I'm not sure what Zod or Faora have to do with the MCU.

User Info: OdiousThirteen

5 years ago#10
I've sincerely enjoyed Obadiah, Loki, Winter Soldier, Pierce, Red Skull, Rumlow, and Justin Hammer.
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