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  3. Not sure if old, but, do people notice that Michael Bay re-uses scenes?

User Info: Bandarno

9 years ago#31
I'm pretty sure they even used voices that people have used before, I could have sworn I heard Sentinel Prime's voice in the latest Star Trek movie.

User Info: SerenitySays

9 years ago#32
The Wilhelm scream is used in many movies.
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User Info: Heineken14

9 years ago#33

From: Chirotera | #103
EenyMeenyMinyMo posted...

a writer who reuses paragraphs with a minor word change here or there is a mediocre writer. thought it makes sense, bay is a mediocre director

That's your analogy. Look, I'm one of Bay's harshest critics - but come on. A writer doing a rewrite doesn't cost anything. Movies, do. When you have something that already has a huge budget you try to cut corners to save money (and time for that matter) when you can. I don't know how you can fault them for that.

That, plus the fact they are pretty much throw away transitional scenes. I mean, if he reused the end of ROTF but replaced everything to fit it in with the pillars and Sentinel Prime, etc... ok, then you can have a legit complaint... but he didn't. Just laugh at it and move on.
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User Info: The Top Crusader

The Top Crusader
9 years ago#34
You people complaining wouldn't like most of the Godzilla films from the 70's.

User Info: ReInCaRNaTeDOnE

9 years ago#35
Uh.. There is such a thing called stock footage as someone else pointed out. Most, if not all, directors have used stock at one point in their lives whether or not you've noticed it. It's really ridiculous for people to think otherwise.
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User Info: Heineken14

9 years ago#36
Rage is a hell of an anesthetic

User Info: Noccish

9 years ago#37
TotallySoldOut posted...
They then hooked up her personal car to use for the scene, something went wrong and the cable snapped, pretty much scalping her. She's alive, but permanently brain-damaged and paralyzed on one side.


An extra shouldn't be in any sort of situation like that.

I just thought I'd point out that the bracket that broke was on an actual stunt vehicle, not her car, and she was so far away from the stunt itself that it's crazy the bracket flew so far. I'm just clarifying that. It's still such a tragedy, though. I remember it every now and then and get kind of bummed. There hasn't been much news on her in a while, so I hope she's coming along okay.

As for the footage being re-used... I actually think that's pretty clever. I did think of The Island when I watched that scene just because of the similarity of what was happening, but I didn't realise some bits were actually straight from it! It's neat how they switched in the Transformer like that.
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User Info: Jason One

Jason One
9 years ago#38
That YouTube video reminds me how much I hate those stupid rollerblading transformers. Terrible.

User Info: Green_Tallest

9 years ago#39


u mad?
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  3. Not sure if old, but, do people notice that Michael Bay re-uses scenes?
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