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User Info: GillesGuy

8 months ago#1
i wish i knew the proper place to put this but i very much dont so a post on gamefaqs that will likely never get an actual fix is probably all i got

i got through season 1 fine
episode 1 of season 2 was okay too
but then in episode 2 the game acted like i took the watch from the cabin, okay, not a big deal
then in episode 3 at the beginning the game acted as if alvin died even though he didnt, restarting the episode didnt fix the problem

so i restarted episode 2 to try and run through it again to fix the issue, and now rebecca is acting as if i manipulated alvin into helping me when i never did any such thing

so my season 2 save is just all over the f***ing place and i dont know how to fix it

User Info: weidaf

8 months ago#2
Wow that was weird. The only glitch I have in this game is the QTE buttons when I should press O it will be an X but for the conversation or when I roaming it's working properly.
I sent them emails about the glitch to fix it via update but they didn't do anything because they thought the problem is my ps4 is different region with the BD.

Anyway I don't have any problem about the save file, it's working fine. I play this game with 3 different save files and everytime I play i don't get any glitch. Maybe you can restarting entire season 2?
If you can't have fun doing this, you're doing it wrong

User Info: bananamansam

8 months ago#3
I've been having all kinds of problems. In season 2 during the flashback with lee, Clem asked why Lily killed Doug when I saved Carley, and in Season 3 During Clem's first flash back she was on her own when I ended up in wellington at the end of Season 2

User Info: weidaf

8 months ago#4
@bananamansam at my first gameplay I was having the same problems. But after I started all over with new save file it was all good. I think the problem is when I started a next season I need to make sure I'm using the same save file and not generate it randomly.
If you can't have fun doing this, you're doing it wrong
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