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User Info: REmanZ

3 months ago#1
I had a blast replaying "Erica" for a platinum trophy. I loved the cinematography and lighting that was used for the sets and actors. Definitely a lot of attention and care was taken into consideration for each shot. I thoroughly enjoyed watching different scenarios play out depending on the choices that you made.

(I also played with a controller, which I thought was quite easy to use. I did use a Dualsense though on my PS5)
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4 weeks ago#2
I just Finished my Erica 2nd (as well as first!) playthrough today and I very much have to agree. I very much enjoyed it and, like you said, found the effort and care in acting and cinematography to be very good, and the fact that this is an FMV game and those don't normally have the highest budget makes it even more impressive. I also loved how you can make major choices that actually change the story and events, and how frequent dialog choices in general were.
I tried the Dualshock touch screen control option first btw and found it to be not comfortable, then I tried the phone app and using it was way better, so I stuck with that.
Overall, this was a great and underappreciated game! Will even do another playthrough later, and I rarely replay any game :).

PS: I was curious what the developers has done since, so I looked and it looks like they are developing two new games, one of which is "coming soon" and seems from the title like it is an episodic game:
couldn't find any real information on either though.
(edited 4 weeks ago)
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