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User Info: creativeme

1 year ago#1
i see it's randomly free on ps+ didn't hear anything about it when they announced nba 2k20 and tombraider. i see it's like a 6-8 hour game tops. looks interesting enough.

is it something to play once or is it something you'd wanna play a few times to see the different endings? if it has multiple endings.

User Info: GasmanOAV

1 year ago#2
It has four main endings plus other options throughout that affect the outcomes. Choices matter. Some are small choices others are more important to the endings. I think I’ve gone through five times. I only takes about two hours each time.
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User Info: player1972

1 year ago#3
My first playthrough, I was able to finish in a single sitting. I don't really feel like a second.
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User Info: OnurOnly

1 year ago#4
Its 6-8 hours if you play it multiple times. 1 playthrough is like an hour and a half. Maybe even an hour tbh.

User Info: creativeme

1 year ago#5
if it's that short then i'll at least give it a playthrough one of these days. was definitely thinking it was a bit longer than that but guess for a freebie it's at least worth spending an hour on.

User Info: TheGrowlanser

1 year ago#6
So is movie length and not game length. Glad is free!
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User Info: Thirty3_1Third

9 months ago#7
For a single playthrough, this FMV is pretty good. I’m now on my 4th run for more trophies and I’ve experienced a few moments where the triggers don't pop up so I had to guess which direction to go.

It can be a slog doing multiple runs for trophies, but if you play just to try different choices and experience parts of the game previously unexplored it can be fun.

EDIT: the app makes a much more enjoyable experience.
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User Info: creativeme

9 months ago#8
i tried it out but only played it once and didn't really get all that far. after a few months i ended up deleting it. might try it again someday.
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