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User Info: duality48

1 year ago#1
So I love how this was offered this month as a bonus PS Plus title.
I’ve already played through it twice in it’s entirety.
However, I couldn’t shake the sense of deja vu as I was playing. Almost as if I had played a demo sometime before. Also, my first name is Eric so I was already somewhat superstitious from the start!
After searching through YouTube videos for explanations, I ran across these gameplay teasers:

That’s official from PlayStation’s own channel. However, the actor is completely a different girl.
Does anyone know why?
(edited 1 year ago)

User Info: HibikiRush

1 year ago#2
They recast the lead at some point.


4 weeks ago#3
That is really weird. I wonder why they did that? I mean, they would literally need to replace every scene they ever shot with her, and that is a lot of scenes! So I am really curious why they decided to do that.

also, watching the game footage in this video, none of that is in the game whatsoever! and many parts of the plot summary that the guy says are completely different too. It is almost like after this video they decided to literally throw everything they had away and start from scratch 0_o.
(edited 4 weeks ago)
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