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User Info: DCinGA

1 month ago#1
Got interested in this title a few months after it's release. Been doing some research and believe I'd enjoy it.

I was expecting it to be on sale at this point, but it is $50+ at the major retailers I've been monitoring.

I have NO problem paying $50 for a great game. For those that have it...would you still pay that much knowing what you know about it now?
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User Info: rancid_custard

1 month ago#2
Every day of the week and twice on sunday

User Info: ClassicMan

1 month ago#3
It's been on sale a few times, it will be again
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User Info: SJWFaqs

1 month ago#4
I got my copy pre-owned for 30% off at Gamestop a while back.

They have the same promotion going on now again. That being "buy a new game $29.99 or higher, get 30% off a pre-owned game", which would take about $16 off the usual used price of $54.99. So you'd get it for a hair under $40.
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User Info: redorblue88

1 month ago#5
I would rather pay full price for a games like this. Developers and the industry in general need to be encouraged and supported when it comes to these rare gems.

User Info: AsIfByMagic

1 month ago#6
ClassicMan posted...
It's been on sale a few times, it will be again
This. It was worth full price, but knowing that it's been on PSN for $40 three times in the last 3ish months, no I wouldn't pay $50.


If you want a place to track these things TC.
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User Info: DCinGA

1 month ago#7
Thanks for the advice...but it has to be physical. I know it's hard for some to grasp, but there's no internet service currently available on my long and winding country road. :(
I hear it's about a year away
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User Info: Kensei25

1 month ago#8
Hell yes.....the game is a steal at $50 imo.

Between the single player game, new game plus, and the incredible Legends multiplayer mode, I have now put in over 400 hours into the game....

User Info: varekai007

1 month ago#9
i would still buy the game at the full 60 dollars, and thats without the free legends add on. its that well done for a player like me.
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User Info: barf_syndrome

1 month ago#10
I paid $50 for it the week it came out.
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