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User Info: ich3ro

3 months ago#1
Isnt it funny that it wasnt a player vote that tallies whoever won but more of a choice from ‘video game critics’ that we have to take their word for??

i get the whole ‘women empowerment crap’ had alot to do with it. I think in fact, Ghost does a fantastic job having female representation with Tales from Yuna, Lady Masako and that other girl.

Ghost was a game changing ‘action/adventure’ game with a new combat system we have never seen before. Whereas in the Last of Us, its the same find these notes here and read peoples last will. Then go around and collect material and fight a group of zombies here and there. Not to mention the Story/Script was just utter trash with the game not knowing what choice to go with.

Ghost goes in depth into the Old Japanese culture with Hot springs, Honoring Shrines, and slicing bamboo sticks which all really happened during those times.

Does anyone else feel like the awards were somehow ‘rigged’ to represent the LGBTQ crowd to make them feel like they fit in somehow??

User Info: kelvingabaldonc

3 months ago#2
Definitely! It’s like how movies who wanted to win an Oscar had to star a mentally-challenged Jewish kid who escaped a concentration camp in order to go back home and see his sister who’s dying of cancer.


Now, all media (video games, tv series, movies, etc) have to star a Mary Sue who has to break the glass ceiling and kick the ass of every stupid man sharing screen time with her


“Subverts expectations”, plot, lore, and common sense be damned. The more Grimdark, the better.

In short, if it makes sense & you had fun watching/playing it, it’s not going to be recognized by the woke intelligentsia. In a way, this is useful; avoid whatever critics love, buy whatever they hate. I can’t believe I’m saying this despite the fact that Bayformers, Twilight, & 50 Shades exist, but that’s where we are now.
Kelvin G.
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User Info: zidane kuja

zidane kuja
3 months ago#3
I definitely agree that The Last of Us 2 did not deserve game of the year and a lot of the awards it won.

But Game of the Year has always been a joke so it’s no different than any year. And I personally placed Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Ghost of Tsushima as my GOTY.

But your comment of it being “rigged” because of LGBT representation wanting to feel “like they fit in somehow.” Is so incredibly ignorant that now I am glad that Last of Us 2 won lol.

It won because it was a big triple A video game that had all the millions of dollars seeped into it to make it look pretty and most importantly had The Last of Us in the name. That game was getting GOTY whether no matter who you were going to play as so blaming women and LGBT is silly.

I remember thinking the same thing about God of War, it was a good game but not GOTY worthy. But it was yet again, another hyped triple A game.
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User Info: DirtBasedSoap

3 months ago#5
right wingers think everything is rigged 😂
hoes mad

User Info: Craxin01

3 months ago#6
It's a meaningless award. Does it not winning GOTY really impact your enjoyment or the sales they already made? How about past winners? Are they really better games, or did they pay some meaningless group to say that said game was so good it stood out over all others? I look at this like I do the Oscars, it's all a lot of self-congratulatory nonsense by and for pretentious fools. Getting worked up about this isn't doing you, whatever body decided Last of Us 2 "won," or the programmers at Sucker Punch any good.

User Info: rancid_custard

3 months ago#7
There's also the issue of being blacklisted if you hate on stuff too much. It doesn't necessarily happen to film & music critics but in gaming circles firms like IGN (and what they know about games i could write on a beer mat) need to be able to play new titles, get early access and be plugged into the studio access side of things. In the world of click bait and 'first but wrong' reviews, sites like this need to play ball.

The wider issue is review bombing and bot infiltration, Rotten Tomatoes was compromised several years ago and this year Metacritic has been easily manipulated. Vote washing practices on Amazon are rife too.

A quick glance at TLOU2's reviews on here suggest an average of 8.1 which is probably a little above what I'd score it but I guess an aggregate counter on Gamefaqs would then make it another target.
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User Info: Captainfalcon34

3 months ago#8
I feel the same way. The Last of Us 2 is garbage. Boring gameplay, bad story full of holes, uninteresting characters, and, to quote Family Guy, it "insists upon itself."

Ghost of Tsushima is far better in every category. I'll never understand the praise for The Last of Us 2, and I'll never understand how Ghost of Tsushima got lower scores. But, then again, reviews mean nothing nowadays.

User Info: CeruleanGamer

3 months ago#9
Yeah most GoT reviews are from trash journos whose sole existence is to piss off gamers to get clicks and ad revenue.
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User Info: BillbertPatches

3 months ago#10
Git Lesbianed

TLDR: GoT needs more lesbians
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