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User Info: Guilmon_80

3 months ago#1
Wow. They increased the difficulty on this by a lot. You almost need a third person now to even stand a chance at beating Legends. I might wait until they work on the balance.
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User Info: ModLogic

3 months ago#2
for the most part its ok. the crow and bow tengu is annoying as hell. the ghost/ronins/spears with little arm shields are kind of cheap.
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User Info: Anathema30

3 months ago#3
I know Legends is an online addition, is it also multi-player or can you do it solo? I don't normally do online gaming but I hate to see those trophies locked. If I can try it solo I may try it. Any help appreciated. Thanks.

User Info: Aeshmah

3 months ago#4
@Anathema30 You can do the story chapters and the survival missions solo, HOWEVER they won't scale so you gotta be on top of your game if you want to clear them solo.
Then there is the raid wich NEEDS four people that can communicate, period. There is basically no way to do it otherwise.
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