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  3. Why do the mongols lose to bears?
At least one of the two bear hunters is always an archer.

Do they know what the point of ranged weapons are?
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User Info: Valkenhyne

1 week ago#2
bad AI

User Info: OldKye

1 week ago#3
The end game ones always seem to win, but early game bears can wipe out a Mongol camp.
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User Info: dafter83

1 week ago#4
They're terrible at dodging, lol.

User Info: ZechtAurion

1 week ago#5
Because it's a bear.
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User Info: IMRavnos

1 week ago#6
They lose to bears because they keep trying to milk them.
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User Info: Aeolus451

1 week ago#7
ZechtAurion posted...
Because it's a bear.
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User Info: Evourl

1 week ago#8
Bear in mind, they get killed by mongols pretty easily in Act 2 and 3.

User Info: MinusN

1 week ago#9
Have you tried to kill a bear lately? They'll take a rifle round to the face like a champ, then eat you.

User Info: ezio899

1 week ago#10
Irl bears are tanks and the fact a bear can steam roll a small group of Mongols who charge a bear is pretty realistic tbh.
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  2. Ghost of Tsushima
  3. Why do the mongols lose to bears?
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