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  3. Glitch? Stuck crawling under things

User Info: ekie

1 year ago#1
For some reason I can't get out from underneath houses or other objects once I crawl into them. Is this a glitch or am I pressing something wrong?

User Info: Shybaason

1 year ago#2
it's a glitch. some have luck getting out by saving an reloading, I'm impatient so i just "turn off" the controller and turn on another one which works for me.

you are supposed to be able to just "walk" out

User Info: ekie

1 year ago#3
Wow thanks. Switching controllers worked, I was able to just walk right out afterwards

User Info: Flloh

1 year ago#4
I am currently on Tadayori’s rest, and I have to crawl under this rock to get to the next part in the quest. I can’t go any further because I can’t come out, I tried the controller, restarting and i can’t. Because I’m on a mission this is bothering me and I refuse to play the game until I can get passed it!

this one MAJOR bug, just turned an amazing game to s***! Thanks sucker punch for not being able to COMPLETE UR GAMES!

so I switched 3 different controllers, for whatever reason my girlfriends controller worked completely fine. Switched back to my main controller and it works fine now! So thanks- this post helped me considering there is NOTHING out about this game yet!

odd thing is- I’ve been crawling under things fine All game until this! Overall AMAZING GAME- but some of these bugs need to desperately be addressed!

User Info: jfmorris

1 year ago#5
Someone on the reddit said you could get out of crawlspaces by going out of them backwards if you get stuck. Haven't tested this, as I haven't encountered the problem.

User Info: ItzJonko

1 year ago#6
I have the same issue.

Crawling backwards helped me a lot when the controller switch didn't work.

Just face the wrong direction and crawl back through the desired opening. Hooe this gelost people.
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