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User Info: DrunkenBagpipe

1 year ago#1
Ok here's the deal, the game is not finished completely and it shows. No online says coming soon, also patches incoming for various issues.
The game doesn't look great, but it also doesn't look terrible, just not up to today's standards. The look of the varies I found the clay and hard courts to look great actually, but the grass courts look ugly.
The gameplay at first is not smooth it's very laggy, up to after a few sets then it smooths out. The control of the character feels sluggish, sometimes even slower than you want.
The sound is amysal, you don't get the feel of a Tennis match, it's like there's no crowd really disappointing. The commentary is terrible it's horrendous actually, repeating the same damn phrase over and over,like a bloody broken record.
Character customization in career mode is poor, it doesn't give you a lot of options, that you would expect.

For me it's a 6 out 10, there's something potentially there, career mode is actuallyenjoyable to go through. Butt in it's current state it needs patching, to reach any potential to be a true tennis game.
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User Info: SMT_Masochist

1 year ago#2
I love when he says "this next point is crucial" and im winning 9-0 on the super tie break. Yes it is...for the other guy. About 9 crucial points.

Pro tip: play on far camera angle. The movement feels better + make your guy or get a guy high on defense and it almost feels arcade like.

I give it a 7 as i elaborated on another topic but i love tennis. Its a shame you can't use a dunlop or babolat in the career mode. I want to see my force tour or pure aero.
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