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User Info: BUMPED2002

1 year ago#1
Tennis games are hard to pull off. Hope this one is decent but I'm skeptical.

User Info: disctray1

1 year ago#2
judging by visuals alone, ao tennis has way better looking player characters.

compare angelique kerber in both games. in world tour she doesnt look like her, the face is generic, also the body is completely different. they havent nailed it in ao either, but at least you would recognise her without someone telling you who she is supposed to be.
they even have some of her unique movements in ao tennis, thats completely absent in world tour.

gameplay and career might be better in wtt, but visually it already lost.

User Info: Valkyreo

1 year ago#3
AO tennis?? Lol. Joke game.
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