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  3. What is a show whose finale was so bad it hurt rewatchabilty?

User Info: cybershocker455

1 month ago#1
Inb4 people say Game of Thrones.
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Lost. All the build up and speculation wasn't worth what it ended up as. Same with the X-Files, but at least that show has good stand alone episodes.
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User Info: EnterTheTekken

1 month ago#3

User Info: ViolentAbacus

1 month ago#4
How I Met Your Mother

User Info: shadestreet

1 month ago#5

But not just the season finale, the entire final season killed my passion for that show

User Info: SachaBaronLying

1 month ago#6
https://tinyurl.com/slskhme https://tinyurl.com/tg3d4to
https://tinyurl.com/ug7u8cf https://youtu.be/zdR-I35Ladk

User Info: shadestreet

1 month ago#7
SachaBaronLying posted...

Please tell me the future!

User Info: rockoperajon

1 month ago#8
Dexter - the whole final season was a train wreck, but the finale just felt like an insult to the fans.

LOST - I actually kinda liked it the first time I watched it. But when I tried re-watching the series afterwards, knowing how it would end, there was so much that just didn't make any sense, I couldn't get past season 2.

Arrested Development - It technically isn't the official series finale, but I doubt the show's getting a sixth season after the reception the fifth got, Anyway, as much as I defended season 4, I really can't defend the lackluster season 5. And the last minute reveals about Buster kind of ruin the earlier episodes for me too.
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User Info: Redfield5289

1 month ago#9
"I've had enough of your bulls***!"

User Info: Dusk-HD

1 month ago#10
You're all wrong, Lost is actually one of the best.
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  3. What is a show whose finale was so bad it hurt rewatchabilty?
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