omg i want trading!!!

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User Info: verylatebloomer

8 months ago#1
i just wasted four essense and two sparkle stones crafting a duplicate special item!

i was scrolling through looking for the ones that DON'T use 150 steel, since i'm out of steel, and when i found one, i crafted it...only to find out i already had one crafting! augh! now i'm gonna have two of them and i'm already short on sparkle stones as it is from making the darned fancy rugs or wallpapers!

i wish i could at LEAST give away the extra special item so it doesn't go to waste! eventually i'll get all the other resources, but i'm sure never gonna put TWO silly meal items in my camp! Maybe two giant robot or two giant eggs, but...

Sentry3X8A Dg Lvl23 522 hp S42 Hit%101 Mdef72 Abs54 Dmg50
161219XP 3527g 3H 3P 1Pa Ice[S] Stl[A] Slv[Sh] Slv[H] Slv[G]+L mako, Drg[S], ore

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