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User Info: VeronicaIsabel

1 year ago#1
I’m tired of not being able to share bats back with people who share them with me! By the time I go to their garden all twenty flowers have been harvested and new ones have been planted! Why share bats at all if you don’t want people sharing with you! It’s frustrating! Anyone else have this frustration?
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User Info: piranhapete

1 year ago#2
Yeah, it's a bummer, but it's really not your fault if you're not able to share back. Just keep clicking through your friends list until you find literally anyone else at that point. If I'm desperate to share for the rewards it's what I do.
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User Info: Elice_Carol

1 year ago#3
I noticed that if you leave half the flowers unharvested you may get more rare creatures than if you just replanted and waited three hours, but you have to run the risk of getting creatures you don't need too. I guess the flowers you leave should be an indicator of what you want though, for example the red ones meaning you need more gold Gothic bats.
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User Info: PurpleMangoes

1 year ago#4
Lol it may be framed as a generous, benevolent thing, but the real point in sharing bats is to get more seeds back, hence why so many people can't share back-- your friend got rid of their bats so they could get the seeds they needed to immediately plant more roses. It's just a more reliable/faster method than expecting people to trade them back and forth.

I mean jesus, with the capture rates driven up like they are, I'll nearly be done after just planting four crops. The co-op side of the event is a fun idea, but they'll need to approach it's design a bit differently if they want people to actually use it as a co-op feature.

User Info: verylatebloomer

1 year ago#5
with NO way to communicate...

there's a chance you'll get some returned...

and a guarantee you'll get some if you replant.

and you have a better chance of more if you replant everything.

and all the flower trades are in even numbers of 10.

so it just makes sense to pull and replant the whole farm. sooner or later there's a lull in activity, whether friends sleep or work. so just wait til then--it's always nice to have a couple batches and be able to FILL your friends' gardens.
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User Info: SassyCheesicle

1 year ago#6
I have noticed this and been guilty of the same.
I figure if they really wanted me to share back - they would leave space. If no space... They must not need them back! :)

User Info: ACmaster37

1 year ago#7
The reason for this is because people want to clear the seasonal flower trade goals, and must grow hundreds of flowers to clear them.

Clearing all the trade exchanges is harder and takes much longer than getting the required number of butterflies/bats.

It was pretty unexpected to see we can get up to 10x gothic rose lamps if you trade in enough times. My goal is now to complete that, since the bat collecting is quicker than I thought it would be.
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User Info: verylatebloomer

1 year ago#8
ACmaster37 posted...
10x gothic rose lamps

yeah, there's going to be a wave of bragging camps with rows of however many lamps they could get during the event!
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User Info: GDBlueFalcon

1 year ago#9
I was done in the first 12 hrs. People are running around in the first 3 hrs and I was half way done and then finished in the morning. All the active friends begin to clean out their garden as they are done sharing. So I assume everyone in my friends list are either done or close to finish. The loading time is getting very annoying so I assume rest of them rather to finish on their own. At certain point I have over 50 bat and has no where to put them. We need a signal if you are done leave no flower, if not leave at least one unharvested.

At this moment I believe it is better in helping out in watering then sharing bats.
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