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User Info: GueraBoo

1 year ago#1
Hi everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying the new visitors that were released today. I'm glad I stimbled across this page/site/board. Does anyone else wish they could spin around on the mini-ice rink, or use the amenities? For now, I'll just keep giggling at my little dance on camera mode. :)
Thanks to all those that have added me! I'm always around to help!

User Info: Nicolelaroche

1 year ago#2
Yes and I want to fly a kite! It's so dumb that we cant.

User Info: ashariel19

1 year ago#3
I wish we could interact with everything

Also I wish we could message/gift other players

I also wish that once you got one of the flower trade items there wod be some kind of notification you got it so you don't have to go look in your catalig;!!!

I wish there was an invite all button for the shovel game

They really need to redo how the market place works mabey have an island with friends on it were you can talk to multiple ppl at the time
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