Did you buy the K.K. Slider and/or the Tom Nook chair (to get the characters)?

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  3. Did you buy the K.K. Slider and/or the Tom Nook chair (to get the characters)?

User Info: blueeyesangel

4 months ago#11
I haven't brought any of them, i have almost 260 leaf tickets but im saving up for my 3rd crafting slot.

They should have inklings in the campsite
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User Info: Excalibur

4 months ago#12
I MIGHT get K.K. later, but as for now I'm just saving up for someone more fun. (I'm looking at YOU Pave. You better show up in February!)
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User Info: sonyaism

4 months ago#13
What happens when you get these chairs? I know they visit your camp but what else do you get from it?

User Info: StaticPenguin

4 months ago#14
K.K. Slider chair. Didnt pay for it. Just did a grind.

User Info: Jerec

4 months ago#15
I got both of them with free leaf tickets. I also got the extra two crafting slots. Haven't paid a cent so far.

Up to about 250 leaf tickets again just through levelling up and daily bonuses and whatnot.
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User Info: jeykama

4 months ago#16
I had some Play credit lying around so got one of the promo bundles and bought both chairs with the help of the free tickets.

Nook's chair is really disappointing, what a rip-off. He should let you re-order Nookling items... or do something. Anything.
KK Slider's is better since he changes the music but he needs more tunes than 3 repeating chords.

It's also a little lame that only one will show up at random if you place both chairs at your campsite, and they will never show up if you place the chairs in your camper.

User Info: Eab1990

4 months ago#17
Bought K.K. right away.

Didn't need to pay, linking your Nintendo account already covers 3/5 of the cost.
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User Info: Solstice3

4 months ago#18
Bought K.K. didn't pay money, also got both crafting slots and upgraded some of my storage space.
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User Info: Sir_Linebeck

4 months ago#19
No, I'm waiting for a potential Kapp'n item
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User Info: Gamechamp3k

4 months ago#20
Both, using only in-game tickets. I consider them required for 100% completion, and I consider spending real money on tickets to be cheating, so I had no choice but to buy both with in-game tickets.

There are more than enough tickets available as long as you don't waste them on anything frivolous.
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  3. Did you buy the K.K. Slider and/or the Tom Nook chair (to get the characters)?

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