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User Info: Kurten

1 year ago#131
Here’s mine: 53203743790

Currently have no friends :( please add!

User Info: Solarman98

1 year ago#132
0649 4731 732

there is my code if anyone wants to add me
3DS: 3695-0026-6074, GT:Solarman XXIV, PSN: Duststorm87

User Info: georgiab6

1 year ago#133
Ive just added you all

Add me:

User Info: Shimorux

1 year ago#134
Added some of you. Please add me:

8017 3893 882
3DS FC: 2578-3138-2625
MH3: Shimoru UVC26R

User Info: JodieSixx

1 year ago#135
My ID is 74816742205. I need more active friends to help with butterflies etc!

User Info: Blessranger

1 year ago#136
Here's my ID: 2000 7748 822
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User Info: ShadowGirl13

11 months ago#137
My FC is 3786 8072 131

I'm looking for winter butterflies or topaz ones.
(message deleted)
(message deleted)

User Info: Luckycat777

11 months ago#140
Post your friend ID here. Take the space out before the .com in this URL.

https://www.gamefaqs .com/boards/225791-animal-crossing-pocket-camp/76203529?jumpto=3#3
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