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User Info: vind3d

4 weeks ago#41
I agree the show is not as funny. I think that is partially due to the lack of Pop-Culture references that figured into the story of many episodes. Comic-cons, movies, games, cosplay, action figures...

CBS is re-broadcasting the finale tomorrow Monday 5/20.
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User Info: Whammychip

4 weeks ago#42
C Redfield posted...
Has there ever been a show with such a god awful finale. I didn't think Dexter could be replaced so fast.

Especially comedies they can usually squeeze the last drop or two of gold for the finale.

Somebody hasn't seen the finale of How I Met Your Mother. If ever you want to know how a beloved sitcom can utterly destroy any and all goodwill it ever had over the course of ten minutes, you owe it to yourself to witness this train wreck of a series finale for yourself.

If you don't want to see it for yourself, here's basically all you need to know: Barney and Robin divorce, the mother dies, Ted goes back to chasing Robin, and the entire series is rendered absolutely pointless as any and all development any of the characters ever had is completely torpedoed into oblivion in a matter of minutes.
So Jill Valentine planned a three-way with Chris and Barry, but called it off at the last minute.
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User Info: ShadowMan033

4 weeks ago#43
The finale was fine.

It definitely seemed inorganic but I don’t really give a f***
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User Info: magemaximus

4 weeks ago#44
Nope. Haven’t watched a single episode. I’ve seen some clips on YouTube tho I think.
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User Info: ThrillKillFan

4 weeks ago#45
I watched it. Did they REALLY need the whole montage of clips from all the prior seasons showing major events from the show as a sort of Cliff Notes version of the series that took up at least 1/3 of the first episode of the two part finale? Not for long time viewers.

I have a feeling they may do another spin off, though which character(s) do they focus on in it I wonder.

Guess there was a spin off planned for Howard, Bernadette and their family :

They never did resolve the story of Howard's father and a spin off would've given them a chance to do that at least. Personally I think a spin off with them would've had more chance of succeeding than the upcoming Pauley Perrette comedy Broke, which looked absolutely UN-funny in the trailer I saw for it the other day.

Even though it was Jim Parson's decision not to come back for another season I think they could've made it work with his "character" as a periphery presence like Howard's "mother" who we never actually saw. Although going by the track record of TV shows whose main actor left or was fired shows like that never seem to last more than a year or two, though Two And A Half Men somehow bucked that trend even though the comedy was never actually the same without Charlie.
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I thought it was alright. As far as comedy endings go i enjoyed Parks and Seinfeld more than this. Didnt care much for the Office.

Dude who didnt like Breaking Bads ending is crazy, I agree the final season wasn't as good as 4 but that was some classic Walther devious s*** in the end. I mean who the f*** creates a robotic m60 turret to take out some Nazis?
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User Info: VanDam

1 week ago#47
I enjoyed it. It was a good send off.
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