The Flash Season 4 Discussion Topic #1: The Last Speedster *SPOILERS*

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User Info: lilORANG

5 months ago#381
wtf did I just watch?

User Info: lilORANG

5 months ago#382
Is Barry gonna Nick Fury all these guys? That'd be cool.

User Info: Vampire Wraith

Vampire Wraith
5 months ago#383
lmao, Joe the pimp!
It's Kombat Time!

User Info: creativerealms

5 months ago#384
So they are trying to make the show more lighthearted, I'm fine with that.
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User Info: Ryyaann_Is_Band

5 months ago#385
EnterTheTekken posted...
Look, I understand they are trying to go for a lighter tone this season, but this is pure cheese right now.

"Here Cisky Cisky Cisky!"

"Die Plastoid Die!"

This. It was really cringey tbh.

Hopefully they find an interesting way to defeat The Thinker, considering that a "cerebral inhibitor", the thing Barritar specifically mentioned last season shouldn't work and will be off-limits from a show-writing POV, because Barritar was from a failed timeline where things didn't pan out how Barry's current timeline is plotting out.

User Info: BlitzFanatic

5 months ago#386
I gotta say that this episode was so cheesy and lighthearted that it was actually nice to watch, especially with all the little moments here and there like Iris' reaction when she sees the leg and Cisco talking to Wells.

User Info: tcaz2

5 months ago#387
There were a few cringey moments with Danny Trejo yeah but on the whole this was such a fun episode I can overlook it.

User Info: Vortex_of_Hope

5 months ago#388
Last two episodes are everything I love about the Flash. As long as DeVoe isn't trying to become a god this season has awesome potential. Then again the second best Wells coming back made that pretty clear.
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User Info: Tino_Tonitini2

5 months ago#389
name_unknown posted...
I like Ralph's actor too bad it seems he will be just a one off.

Surprisingly, I like him too. I think he did a really great job, especially since it seems like he might be playing against type (look up pictures of the actor, Hartley Sawyer, to see what I mean). It can be easy to overplay such a broad character but I think the actor handled it well.

Also, based on the ending of the episode, it looks he won't be a one-off, which is great. I'm all for these DC shows utilizing characters that haven't really been adapted into live-action and Elongated Man is an interesting choice.

User Info: superstud69x

5 months ago#390
The guy playing Dibny really gave me a Jim Carrey vibe for some reason. Not really humor wise, just looks and sounds like him a bit. IMO, of course.
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