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User Info: Ryan Lewis

Ryan Lewis
7 years ago#1
I will try and leave as many spoilers out for the shows as I can, but they are bound to come up, so you've been warned. I will try to give extra warning for spoilers as they come though.

I was bound to make one of these topic one day, I've seen more than enough television. I really enjoy reading these topics, so I figure others do as well. Every time I try and make one of these lists, I have such a hard time choosing which 25 or 50 shows, and then it's even harder to rank them. I guess since I've seen so many shows now, it's a little easier to step back and then the ones that are really good stick out. Also there will be some Honorable Mentions. Another thing, there

So let's get started...

(few small SPOILERS for 24)

25 | 24

It's been such a long time since I watched this show. I remember I started it about a week before the Series Finale aired, and I was trying to catch up in time to watch it live. I did finish in time, but I remember I fell asleep before it came on : /

24 had such a neat format, which is one of the reasons it was so successful. Though the format made the show unique and gave it an edge in high intensity scenes because the clock was always ticking, it was also the show's Achilles heel. Most of the seasons could have been done in 12-18 episodes, but '12' or '18' doesn't fit the format, so we just have to stick it out. Most seasons it was only a few hours out of the day that were boring, and even then, they paced it well enough to let something interesting happen in every episode. But those other 12-18 hours, they were golden. The pacing was always great, even when the story faltered, and that's one of the things that keeps you watching.

The 24-hour day may have been the neat little gimmick to pull an audience in, but it was Jack Bauer that kept us all watching on the edge of our seats. When something needs to be done, you get Jack Bauer. He can take out terrorist organizations, disarm nuclear warheads mid-flight, kidnap Presidents, all in the span of a day. Jack Bauer will do anything to get the job done, including becoming a heroin junkie to take down a Mexican Cartel, now that's dedication. There have been plenty of shows where there's one badass who can take out 20 guys at a time, but Jack Bauer does it with more finesse than any of them; I wouldn't call it realistic, but it's more realistic than most of those shows.

This show had a lot of great characters and actors as well. David Palmer is probably my single favorite fictional President on TV (although I have not seen The West Wing, only the first few episodes). Tony Almeda, Chloe O'Brian, Rene (S8, didn't really care for her most of S7), Aaron Pierce, President Logan, et al.

It's been so long since I've seen it, and the episodes all bleed together because the naming scheme just makes it near impossible to know which episode is which, so I honestly can't tell you which seasons I enjoyed most, because the middle ones are kind of a blur. I do know that I really enjoyed S1, 2 (except for the Kim plotline), 8 (second half).I think 4 and 5 were some of my favorites, but can't be sure unless I rewatched them, and just don't feel like revisiting this ATM.
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User Info: YoRyanetc

7 years ago#2
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User Info: Zelos_Zensation

7 years ago#3
Tracking. I love 24 and love that you watched all 8 days of it in a week. Defying logic!
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User Info: OhioState82

7 years ago#4
Ryan Lewis posted...
I remember I started it about a week before the Series Finale aired, and I was trying to catch up in time to watch it live. I did finish in time, but I remember I fell asleep before it came on : /

You tried to watch 24 episodes for eight seasons at 43 minutes per episode (137.6 hours) in seven days (168 hours)?! Good grief, man! What'd you do? Sleep two hours a day and order constant takeout?

I'll be following the topic.

Before I got more "into" TV a couple years ago, I watched the first season of 24. I remember enjoying it fairly well but being annoyed with certain plot elements and Jack constantly having to say to that tech gal "Do X for me, expert." "Jack, I can't; you've gone too far this time." "Just do it, expert." Well, OK, but this is the *last time.*" "Right, see you next episode."

I may give it another try anyway. Would probably start from the beginning since my memory is a touch fuzzy on Season 1.

User Info: OhioState82

7 years ago#5
Zelos_Zensation posted...
Tracking. I love 24 and love that you watched all 8 days of it in a week. Defying logic!

Holy cow! Another one!

User Info: MyFavoriteGun

7 years ago#6
Tracking. I love 24 and love that you watched all 8 days of it in a week. Defying logic!

Is that even possible?

Well... Now that I think about it, yeah, maybe. I hope you enjoyed it, there isn't anything else quite like it, and probably won't be for a long time, if ever.
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User Info: Zeldagamer55

7 years ago#7
Tag, love lists like this and will probably make one myself someday, I actually recently finished ranking my top 50 episodes list but I'm to lazy to do write ups on them so I didn't feel like posting it. I might post it as just a list and just not do the write ups.

User Info: basaka55

7 years ago#8
You should have made 24 #24.
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User Info: Ryan Lewis

Ryan Lewis
7 years ago#9
Good to know people are tracking. I'll respond more when I'm back at home, and not driving.

As for watching 24, it was closer to two weeks, but still, I know what you guys mean. That was right after Lost finished and I was dying for something long and interesting to just marathon through. 24 fit that criteria.

EDIT: Oh yeah, you guys might want to check out this link:


It's the list of all the shows I've seen (some are complete, some I'm still watching, some I quit). This link is in my sig (except when posting from my iPhone).

basaka55 posted...
You should have made 24 #24.

If everyone did that one every Top # list, 24 would never have the chance to do better than 24. I thought it was pretty neat looking as is anyways. 25, 24.
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User Info: Ryan Lewis

Ryan Lewis
7 years ago#10
24 | Veronica Mars

Veronica Mars is one of those shows that I love from beginning to end. I would have loved it more had it had a proper ending. I really don't know what the hell the CW was thinking when they canceled it like that; they ended it on what, the 19th episode of S3? Any show that has more than a season, should have a chance at a proper ending, especially a show as fantastic as Veronica Mars. I really love it when a show has an amazing story from beginning to end, and VMars would be one of those shows if it had a proper ending.

I probably had a similar reaction to the show's a lot of people when they first started it. It seemed like it was a high school drama like any other, with mushy relationships and storylines that seemed way more dire than they really were, but it's soon obvious that Veronica Mars is far from the norm of high school dramas. Sure it had teeny storylines and relationships, but the writing, the actors, the characters, dialogue, etc. more than made up for it. Veronica Mars had some of the most well-thought-out story arcs of any show. The writers made sure that there weren't any plot holes, that the story had a beginning, a middle, and end (forgiving S3, which wasn't their fault), and good ones at that.

Nearly every episode had its own stand-alone story. Most shows that use this style of having stand-alone stories with an arc would've through it don't have the best standalone episodes. Veronica Mars had a great balance between standalone and arc. Nearly every standalone story was great by itself, and the arcs just added to its greatness. Season one of Veronica Mars is one of my favorite seasons of any show, bar none. I love nearly every episode and the pacing is just fantastic, I was interested every moment of S1.

Mysteries aren't usually my thing, but VMars does it so well. They keep you interested in the standalone mystery, while keeping you guessing at the overall mystery. It's a great PI show, even though I don't have much to compare it to in that regard. If you haven't seen it, or think that it's just not for you because you aren't into "high school" shows, give it a chance before passing on it. It's more of an adult show than some shows made for adult.

On top of all this, Kristen Bell is so hot. I would love to just take that little body and do all kinds of nasty and most likely illegal things to her.

I realized that with the shows that are in the 25-15 range I have less I want to say about them than the ones I have planned for 1-15, mostly because my favorite shows I've seen a lot, so I just have more to say.
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