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  3. Any opinions on Raising Hope referencing My Name Is Earl? *Spoilers*

User Info: _Shado709_

7 years ago#1
Examples off the top of my head:
New reporter confirms Earl finishes his list.
Many of the stars of MNIS appear on Raising Hope as different characters.
Patty the Hooker and Tim Stack come over from Camden in one episode.
Barney was called Kenny by Jason Lee's character.
Chubby's donut shop.
Inside Probe episode.

I think it's awesome. Jason Lee, Jaime Pressly and Ethan Suplee are supposed to make guest appearances on tonights season finale. No clue as to whether or not they will be as Earl, Joy, and Randy.

User Info: coopz182

7 years ago#2
I like to think that this is the same universe as the one with Camden County and that the ad in last weeks episode was for a documentary that was made after Earl had finished his list, karma's way of rewarding him for all the good things he did was to get his story out there.
As for all the characters who look the same as those in Earl? Dopplegangers or distant relatives!

User Info: CronoDyne

7 years ago#3
I would have preferred the actual characters making cameos. They can't finish My Name Is Earl, but they certainly can give some final closure to the characters through another show, just like they did with Frasier and Cheers. Granted it's not a spinoff, but they've already established the show is in the same universe with Earl finishing his list, and it seems inconsistent having the actors play completely different characters.
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User Info: CoffeeNinjaB8

7 years ago#4
I kinda wanted to see Patty or Tim Stack meet Ethan Suplees character(his name escapes me) and be like "......Randy?"

User Info: Zanzenburger

7 years ago#5
What did the TV ad say regarding Earl in the Season Finale Part 1? I heard them talk about him but I couldn't make out what they said.
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  3. Any opinions on Raising Hope referencing My Name Is Earl? *Spoilers*
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