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  3. So what weapons are everyone using?

User Info: Antfunk

1 week ago#1
I went for the dual blades with glaive transform combo that your character has as canon in the anime movies as it was the new weapon. I did try the crescent transform weapon but was a bit to sluggish. I read that scythe got a nerf. That was a fun weapon in 2.

Is there a consudered top tier list?

User Info: Nova MK VI

Nova MK VI
1 week ago#2
Not dabbling in top lists tbh.

But I love me some Buster Blade action.
Been my main since the first God eater.

The Moon Moon is nice to, the chainsaw axe can do a ton of damage and got interesting Burst Arts.
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User Info: ScareAz

1 week ago#3
Heavy Moon for me, only used the charge spear twice in rank 1. I've decided after playing the jp demo that I'd main the moon and I intend to do so until endgame ( which will be a first for me as I usually swap weapons throughout the ranks in previous titles).

User Info: U_arbiter

1 week ago#4
Scythe Heaven or Hell XD
Nekone Nekone Nekone

User Info: Black_Phoenix09

1 week ago#5
I was trying out different weapons (mainly to unlock the BA effects faster).

My main is heavy moon, fell in-love with it when it first got revealed, and didn't disappoint when I got to try it.

But I kinda fell in love with the boost hammer, that crushing damage is soooo good... as it takes nothing to break parts

(granted the moon does crushing damage as well, but the hammer just felt right)
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User Info: 2ndAtomisk

1 week ago#6
I was using Heavy Moon but I went back to the spear. I was really enjoying it but there’s no beating my favorite. It’s got some really good Burst Arts and the way they flow into each other is incredible.
They say one should not speak unkindly of the dead, so I say, "Nice try." ~ Lezard Valeth

User Info: mashu

1 week ago#7

it’s a way of life. Couldn’t help it. I’ll try the new ones post game.

User Info: Violator_evil

1 week ago#8
The heavy moon looked cool so that's what I'm using. It's really fun and I'll also try out other weapons later.

User Info: Antfunk

1 week ago#9
Is the buster the huge sword? In God eater 1 I used the medium sized sword. Really liked it but each game I feel like I should try a new weapon.

With the heavy moon I feel like I need to watch a video as was not utilising correctly.

User Info: Foxpips

1 week ago#10
biting edges because glaive which I love due to monster hunter
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