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Aylex12321 2 months ago#31
Did Lucas even have a solid idea of the other SW movies while making Ep. IV? I mean, I know he says he did, but… did he really?
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JimmyFraska 2 months ago#32
Aylex12321 posted...
Did Lucas even have a solid idea of the other SW movies while making Ep. IV? I mean, I know he says he did, but… did he really?
Well, at that point he knew he wanted to make a series. But otherwise, it seems not really.

However, it seems he did plot out the prequels, and a vague outline of the sequels, during the development of Empire. Imo that's still pretty impressive.

"I am your father" isn't just great cause of how shocking it is in that movie and to those first two films, but also that it is the skeleton key that unlocked the prequels (and thus the sequels). Once you combine Anakin and Vader which happened in that moment, the universe as we know it comes to be. Before that moment, Star Wars could have gone any direction.
TheShadowGuy 2 months ago#33
It's also noteworthy that one of the original ideas for SW was that R2D2 was recounting SW as a story/documentary for the Whills to record. Hence Journal of the Whills.

But as far as having things set in stone with flashbacks, there's always a creative way around issues like this.

For the Vader killing Anakin flashback example, it can be easily retconned as a vision of how Obi Wan gaslight himself into seeing. Just have the same flashback play back when he says "a certain point of view" in ROTJ, audience will pick the idea up through implication, done. Arguably same technique TLJ used.

Not to mention, GL actually goes back and changes things, most notably with the SE, and also for sometimes absurd reasons. IIRC he actually put the zoomed out scene of the Falcon and the panning in ESB's end while ESB was in theatres to make it clear where Lando/Chewie/Leia/Luke were located.


JimmyFraska posted...
It's the kind of thing you could just not think or worry about. But if you're someone hired onto the series you should think about it, like you should anything that was not present in the original vision of Star Wars. If you're going to add a new tool, you need to ask yourself very hard why you want to and if it is truly necessary and fits, instead of just winging it.

I think it should've been at least adhered to better for the ST at least since the numbered episodes are GL's story, so you should spend the effort to keep his style for 3 movies.

Then again, it might be difficult for a director to adjust to GL's style and however rushed and ill-planned the PT/OT was, the ST had that chaos doubled. The extent of it we'll probably never know since IIRC Rinzler had a making of TFA book that was finished but barred from release by Disney.

I see it as similar to an indie game that has various character artists work on it with their own style but no effort to homogenize. Something like a Metal Gear Solid concept character illustration talking to a Spongebob-style character would be extremely jarring. (It's not that extreme, but it demonstrates the type of issue viscerally)
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JimmyFraska 3 weeks ago#34
Did anyone notice how Boba Fett's flashbacks follow the rules I outlined here?

Thank God that Jon, Dave and Robert Rodriguez care about continuity of style. Love these guys
angleslam99 2 weeks ago#35
DeathMagnetic80 posted...
With the OT, you do have the fact that once George had the story in place, he intended to go back and just tell the story of the prequels, so flashbacks would have muddled that. God forbid he had flashbacks in A New Hope before he locked in things like Vader being Luke's father and we had some scene of Darth Vader killing Anakin, and then having to explain THAT somehow. I was fine with how they did them in the ST though, although yes, they do stand out because of them not being in the previous movies.
this is actually really neat to think about, yeah that would have sucked if the OT had flashbacks to a PT that never happened yet. although I'm sure George would have just edited them out and replace them with Hayden Christensen or something lol
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