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User Info: untouchable010

2 years ago#1
I’ve watched the movie plus seasons 1 to about 4 when I stopped. I’ve watched stuff after that season but it’s been a while. I plan to rewatch the show again from the start but this time skipping the filler and only watching the good, necessary stuff.

I found this list:

...which includes 66 episodes, from the movie to season 6. Should that suffice? Or does someone have something better? I think I’ll skip the Zillow monster episodes though...
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User Info: Assinman5

2 years ago#2
Bad List. Doesn't have Mortis Arc. Or the Clone Deserter Cut with a family.
Doesn't have the Aayla Secura Arc or Yoda first episode which is bad.

User Info: SeahorseCpt89

2 years ago#3

That’s the one I keep seeing. Doesn’t involve season 6, though.
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User Info: rexcrk

2 years ago#4
Here you go, and they’re all in chronological order too 😉

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User Info: kirbydude385

2 years ago#5
I would say watch everything but if not then I'd do this.

TCW Film (not good but introduces Ahsoka)

S03E01 Clone Cadets
S01E05 Rookies (introduces the main clones)

S01E19 Storm Over Ryloth
S01E20 Innocents of Ryloth
S01E21 Liberty on Ryloth (nothing essential but it's a solid arc)

S02E01 Holocron Heist
S02E02 Cargo of Doom
S02E03 Children of the Force (pretty good arc and introduces Cad Bane)

S02E04 Senate Spy
S02E05 Landing at Point Rain
S02E06 Weapons Factory
S02E07 Legacy of Terror
S02E08 Brain Invaders (one long Geonosis arc. First episode is meh but sets the rest up)

S02E12 The Mandalore Plot
S02E13 Voyage of Temptation
S02E14 Duchess of Mandalore (introduces the whole Mandalore issue)

S03E05 Corruption
S03E06 The Academy (more Mandalore stuff)

S03E02 ARC Troopers (returns back to stuff introduced in S03E01)

S03E08 Evil Plans
S01E22 Hostage Crisis
S03E09 Hunt for Ziro (sort of an epilogue from the TCW movie. Could be skipped I guess)

S03E10 Heroes on Both Sides
S03E11 Pursuit of Peace
S02E15 Senate Murders (not an amazing arc but does get into some of the background politics. Could also be skipped)

S03E12 Nightsisters
S03E13 Monster
S03E14 Witches of the Mist (introduces Savage and expands on Ventress)

S03E15 Overlords
S03E16 Altar of Mortis
S03E17 Ghosts of Mortis (not essential in terms of the big picture, but very good and interesting arc)

S03E18 The Citadel
S03E19 Counterattack
S03E20 Citadel Rescue (you could arguably skip this but it's really solid)

S03E21 Padawan Lost
S03E22 Wookiee Hunt (you could skip this too but it expands on Ahsoka's character and I really like it)

S04E01 Water War
S04E02 Gungan Attack
S04E03 Prisoners (also not essential but it's just a solid arc)

S04E07 Darkness on Umbara
S04E08 The General
S04E09 Plan of Dissent
S04E10 Carnage of Krell (one of the best arcs)

S04E11 Kidnapped
S04E12 Slaves of the Republic
S04E13 Escape from Kadavo (I really like this one too)

S04E15 Deception
S04E16 Friends and Enemies
S04E17 The Box
S04E18 Crisis on Naboo (another one of the best arcs)

S04E19 Massacre
S04E20 Bounty (can be skipped but expands Ventress in a way that's important later)

S04E21 Brothers
S04E22 Revenge (reintroduces Maul)

S05E02 A War on Two Fronts
S05E03 Frontrunners
S05E04 The Soft War
S05E05 Tipping Points (just a really solid arc)

S05E01 Revival
S05E14 Eminence
S05E15 Shades of Reason
S05E16 The Lawless (more Maul and Mandalore)

S05E17 Sabotage
S05E18 The Jedi Who Knew Too Much
S05E19 To Catch a Jedi
S05E20 The Wrong Jedi (the best arc in the series and arguably the most important)

S06E01 The Unknown
S06E02 Conspiracy
S06E03 Fugitive
S06E04 Orders (another extremely good arc that addresses something important)

S06E10 The Lost One
S06E11 Voices
S06E12 Destiny
S06E13 Sacrifice (the end of the show and also addresses interesting stuff)
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User Info: untouchable010

2 years ago#6
Thanks for the insight. I’ll be jumping on this again soon and glad I can speed through it without the unnecessary stuff. I did like malevolence arc even though it isn’t essential so I might add it too.
I don't know about angels, but it's fear that gives men wings.

User Info: DeathMagnetic80

2 years ago#7
The Umbara episodes are some of my favorite in the entire series

User Info: j_coat

2 years ago#8
Most of Season 1 seems skippable since you know the movie villains are going to live until Episode 3.
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