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User Info: chequelots

1 year ago#1
The medal where you have to be the only one to launch in the rocket battle. I can't do it. I just can't! How can anyone do it? It's infuriating!!!!! Can someone help me? What did you do?
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User Info: ItsRainingGravy

1 year ago#2
Had a more elaborate post written, but it got erased. :/ But this topic will help, too.


Setting everyone to Tornado also helps, since it increases the lag that they have.
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User Info: chequelots

1 year ago#3
I've seen this post. Sadly it didn't help me as much. But that's probably my fault with my lack of skill. It's hard to charge an attack when every time I try I get hit by another Kirby.
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User Info: CaptainToad101

1 year ago#4
Try a few things mentioned here:

I was able to get it by using Doctor's yellow potion to KO everyone in the last few seconds so they couldn't launch. If you set the CPUs to level 2, they will be less likely to interrupt your charge attacks, but they won't make a mad dash for the rockets in the last 10 seconds either.
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User Info: Highsupershifty

1 year ago#5
im exactly having the same problems as you
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User Info: chequelots

1 year ago#6
I can't....... I just can't do it. It's so insufferable.
As Link always says: "HYYYAAAA!!!!"
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