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User Info: JunpeiIori

2 months ago#171
So, I've always had terrible seasonal allergies in the Spring. I mean, just awful. I can take a Zyrtec every day AND pop an antihistamine and still spend time outside choking down copious amounts of mucus, constantly having to blow my nose, and having watery eyes. My body does not like the presence of plant j*** (AKA pollen.) inside of it.

Yesterday, I found out that I have a fairly severe allergy to flipping grass, of all things. Or, specifically, grass pollen. A course that I like to play has not cut outside of their fairways all spring, so their grass is, at the shortest, up to my belly button, at its longest, up to my neck. Really good motivation not to throw my disc into the rough, I suppose. Anyways, pobody is nerfect, so occasionally I have to pop in their after a drive, and after 10 holes my legs are on fire. I'm already a mucus-y mess, that I'm used to, and it's extremely hot and humid, that's southwest Ohio for you, but the legs thing? That's new.

I persist a little longer, eventually making it to 14, where I decide to throw a second shot off the tee, because practice, and I shank it into the woods, (See, I told you I need practice.) and then spend 40 minutes looking and never finding it. To add literal injury to that insult, during this time is when my legs started to burn quite badly. I wasn't in the grass during this, but the pollen from all that grass was already on me and working its dirty magic, trying to have its way with my skin, or something. Like a monkey f***ing a cantaloupe, it must have been overly aggressive with me, tore me apart.

I was already getting dehydrated, because I sucked down a liter of water before the front 9 was even done and I was out by this point, I was still struggling to breathe, thanks to pollen in my sinuses, and now my body is rejecting the pollen on my skin that I picked up from all of the tall grass that is seeding and flowering. Those people running through fields of grain on commercials make it look so easy. I left after I gave up looking for that disc (Which is a shame, because I was shooting -10 at that point, so I was putting together a decent round.) and proceeded to get in my car and try to assess the damage.

I was breaking out in severe rashes and hives anywhere the pollen had touched my skin. I'm assuming this has happened in the past, but the amount was fairly low, so I assumed it was a bug bite or heat rash (My body also rejects the heat, so I'm really good at being outside.) or general irritation. Grass must carry an enormous amount of pollen at this stage. I had bumps all over my arms up to about my elbows (Overly tall grass, remember.) and my legs looked like they had been run through poison ivy. I was very concerned, and maybe still am a little, because it was starting to swell quite badly. The swelling on the smaller splotches has mostly gone down since yesterday, but my knees, which got hit worst, which makes sense if you think about them pushing forward while I'm walking, are still a little swollen. I think, at the time I got in my car, they might've even been a little puss-filled underneath, there was some yellowing under the red, but I'm not sure.

I've got some medicated Gold Bond lotion, which is meant to be used on stuff like poison ivy, oak, sumac and the like, so I'm assuming it's doing its thing here too. Things are still uncomfortable, though, and I anticipate the urge to scratch is only going to intensify the the itch as the next couple/few days progress. Either way, I'm not going outside until this clears up. Maybe I should just hole myself up all Spring from here on. I spend time outdoors all Winter, so that makes up for it. I really don't mind the cold, I've played disc golf in the snow and I'll consistently play when temps are in the 30's.

Anyways, let that be a lesson to anyone else here that might have pollen allergies. I know traipsing through fields of tall grass isn't exactly common, but if you do suffer from Spring allergies, don't do it. You may have a similar reaction. Now, excuse me, I'm going to spend the next couple of days wrapping my legs in towels I'm keeping in the freezer to help soothe them. I've got Nocturne and the Monster World IV remake coming this week, so that will help, I guess.
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My allergies are epically awful, but more so in the autumn.

User Info: dolphinmage

2 months ago#173
Yikes! That sounds horrible. Are you sure that it's allergies and not that you are turning into a zombie? If you starting craving human flesh, you might want to lock yourself in a closet or something. In the meantime, I hope that your new games can take your mind off your itchiness. Wrap yourself in towels like a mummy, and STAY OUT OF THE LONG GRASS!

User Info: tejtejtej

2 months ago#174
it looks like they are having a sonic the hedgehog related stream thursday morning.

perhaps it has to do with the postponed event they were going to have last year.

rumored titles being a new mainline sonic, a new sonic collection, sonic colors+, and perhaps a teaser for the second sonic movie?

User Info: shadowysea07

2 months ago#175
My allergies are severe though not to the extent of junpeis normally. but typically last a week or two and die off after that once my white blood cells start doing their thing. I can't take most allergy medication as it puts me to sleep immediately. Only thing that doesn't is Zyrtec and that's a little expensive. And the more I use it the less effective it works. My allergies are more deadly than junpeis though as my throat nearly closed last year when I was running past the fire station near my house. They had just mowed as I was going by so I assume that combined with running caused my severe reaction. I have noticed that the bandana mask I wear somewhat helps. It's a bit too hot to wear it outside though. Ugh it's 86 again today.
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User Info: SilentSerph

2 months ago#176
I don’t get affected by allergies unless they’re really thick.

But chlorinated pools give me dry skin and congestion for the next day that makes it hard to sleep.

I’m going on a trip on the weekend but no current Switch games I’m playing. Maybe I’ll just bring 3d World or Galaxy.
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User Info: _Agahnim_

2 months ago#177
So there was a ff14 update today and it had this dialogue.
Wonder if thats a reference to the topic title.
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User Info: tejtejtej

2 months ago#178
Samuel E Wright (voice of Sebastian plus his singing voice in The Little Mermaid + the og Mufasa in The Lion King on Broadway) has died.


User Info: LunaticCritic

2 months ago#179

Thank for making the ocean a little less scary, Mr. Wright.
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User Info: tejtejtej

2 months ago#180
"the human world, it is a mess"

one of the most factual things ever said in a disney movie.
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